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"bleeding teal in Buffalo"
Buffalo, NY • United States • 21 Years Old • Male
Well I finally decided to do it. Yep, I have decided to start my own blog about the Sharks. Hey, ya can never have too many people writing about the Sharks. The more the merrier I think. Well, unlike other Shark bloggers here, I live in Buffalo, so most of the games are on late for me. This is not a problem as I have been used to staying up late all my life to watch the Sharks.

I was very bitter after the loss to the Sabres, partly because I was having a party at my house, and all those who attended happen to be Sabres fans. So getting heckled about every other minute was getting to me. Anyways, I am trying to stay positive after the loss, it will happen, but as long they respond the way the team should tonight, things will be headed back in the right direction. So let's stay positive, get that negative feeling out of our minds, and get behind the Sharks tonight. There is nothing better to avenge a blowout loss at home, but blowing out the next opponent at home.

Well, I just saw the Blues keys to the game on Center Ice, and I decided to make my own for the Sharks game tonight vs. the Wild.

1) Forget the 7-1 Drubbing. The team needs to put the game behind them and come out better than they have been all season long.

2) Play with fire and passion. The Sharks should come out flying with speed and bone crunching hits. They looked very slow, flat, and uninspired Saturday, and also were getting knocked around by the smaller Sabres. I would love to see a highlight reel hit by McLaren to get the team and especially the crowd into the game. The team needs to play angry more. Get mad about a goal or a hit and go back out on the ice fired up.

3) Give the Tank something to cheer about. It is time for the Sharks to end their home woes, starting tonight. What better way than to beat the Wild, who have won 4 of their last 5 in San Jose. Feed off the crowd, give them something to cheer, not boo about. Maybe a win streak at home will start.

To those fans attending the game, do your part and get behind the Sharks. Try not to forget there are some fans who would love to be there live, but can't make it because we do not live in the Bay Area (me for example!) Let them know you are behind them, that you are supporting them. There is nothing worse than being booed at home. However, if things are not going right, go ahead and let them have it, 4 wins at home is a shame. But remember, be positive and happy at first that you are at the best place to watch hockey in the NHL. So cheer loud when they skate out of the shark head, cheer when they get the puck out, when Nabby makes a save, and yell Hey! so loud if they score that you are trying to get me to hear you all the way over here in Buffalo!

Well I think that is good for my first blog. I am sure it needs work, but I will get better at this blogging business. So with that, let's stay positive, believe in the team, and GO SHARKS GO!
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