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"bleeding teal in Buffalo"
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It is very tempting to get behind the Sharks when they go on a win streak. It is tempting to start believing that the Sharks are starting to get to that Cup contender form that was predicted before the season.

Are they really, truly playing the way all of us believed they can do?

Or are the Sharks going to go on another skid for a few games down the road?

It is hard to say, but the Sharks will answer that question during this homestand and the long road trip that follows.

It will determine whether the Sharks are for real now with the trade for Jody Shelley and the comeback of Cheechoo's play.

Some fans are really getting pumped about the Sharks and its great to have fans more excited than frustrated, but especially now with the very good trade for Jody Shelley and Cheechoo back to doing what he does best. The good feelings of this team are returning again, but know that the next 13 games will determine just how good these Sharks are.

These games will seperate the Sharks from the crowd of team to more of a top team status if they continue to perform well and win these games. The Sharks might be top in the standings, but what does that mean come playoff time?

If they do not, the Sharks will still be at where they have been all season.

Win a few here, and lose a few there.

And then all these fans that were really getting behind the team now when they are winning will change their tune again. It is no big deal to get behind a team when they win and have frustrations with the team when the Sharks lose. You might have been fooled by the mirage that this team sometimes seem like.

I still believe another move should be made to make this team better. Marleau is still struggling and so are other players. The problems do not just disappear when the Sharks start winning games. The win streak could just be a mirage of something good that just hides all the problems.

Whether you believe in this team now or still realize the Sharks have problems, everyone will find out over this homestand and road trip.

I very well hope it is for real. That the Sharks are what we expected of them.

The Sharks have a great opportunity ahead of them to vastly improve the homestand and to continue their diligent road play. To beat teams they have lost to before.

And the Sharks have a great opportunity to get where everyone expects them to be, especially now on this sprint to the playoffs.

It started after the All-Star Break and continues now, tonight against the Avalanche.

Have a good day and Go Sharks!
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