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"bleeding teal in Buffalo"
Buffalo, NY • United States • 21 Years Old • Male
Happy Holidays to everyone, I hope yours are great!

The Sharks dominated the Predators last night and have played great hockey in extending their road win streak. I wish they would do the same thing at home and this team would be number one in the league. Maybe having the team in a hotel in San Jose would actually work for them! Whatever is working, the Sharks have been killer on the road, and it has been fantastic. However the road game I was in attendance in Columbus was a loss. I nearly went to St. Louis for the game Friday night. I should have gone, but oh well.

The meeting and the Sharks being on the road have made them play the best road hockey in the league. I read "Inside the Numbers" on NHL.com and the writer pointed out that no team has won the Stanley Cup with the worst home record. The Sharks should continue their great road play Monday in Minnesota and continue the winning when they return home. It is great to win on the road, but most of the home fans are still bitter about stinking it up at home last week.

Well I am a loyal, teal-bleeding Sharks fans. The Sharks are my first and beloved team I cheer for and nobody comes in front of them. I do, however, follow the Sabres closely, but not nearly the way I am with the Sharks. I live in Buffalo right now, so of course the city has been buzzing about the Ice Bowl. I recieved tickets to the Ice Bowl for Christmas so I will be returning home to Buffalo for the game tomorrow!

I think any hockey fan, no matter who you cheer for, would love to be in attendance and a part of this hockey game. This city is nuts for the Sabres, and having the game at the Ralph is going to make the atmosphere amazing.

The NHL made the perfect decision to have the game in Buffalo. Not only will the game be awesome, but the prelude and tailgating for the game is going to rock! Buffalo is the best place to tailgate for Bills games and it will be the same for the Sabres game! This is a great chance for all of hockey to compete with Bowl games and attract new fans. I think that people who do not watch hockey will, especially here in Arkansas would say something like, "Man, those hockey fans are nuts! That looks awesome!" My friends said they are going to watch the game while they watch their Razorback game because I told them about the Ice Bowl and they think being at something like that would be really cool.

The game will be a great one, and I am excited to have the opportunity to be there and I will write about all of it afterwards. Not only is it great for the game of hockey, and the NHL. But this is a chance for the city of Buffalo to be proudly shown in the national spotlight hosting the first outdoor NHL game in the United States. So I will be one Sharks fan, and a Sabres fan in attendance, but also just a fan of the game.

I am proud and excited to help show that hockey fans are the best fans in any sport, and hopefully more people will start following this great game they have yet to discover.

I wish everyone a Happy New Years! and hopefully the Sharks will continue their dominace on the road tomorrow in Minnesota. And if you watch the Ice Bowl, look for me in the corner, section 128!
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December 30, 2007 2:10 PM ET | Delete
It sounds like you only saw the final score, because the Sharks only dominated the 3rd period. Not the first of second. The Sharks are a much better team than the Preds, but it was a 2-2 game going into the 3rd.
December 31, 2007 12:52 AM ET | Delete
Section 141 row 11 here...enjoy the game!!
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