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Epic Ending!

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Last night the San Jose Sharks layed everything out there and lost valiantly to the Dallas Stars in a 4OT game. Last night's game was intense, the Sharks showed true grit, determination, drive, and heart.

I just first want to say thank you to the San Jose Sharks for a great season, a Pacific Division title, and a fun playoff run.

The last 2 games the Sharks played were memorable, and amazing. The come from behind OT thriller will be remembered for a long time for the comeback and how crazy the Tank was. The 4OT game was a classic, highlight reel game with amazing saves, and intense 1-1 action all night. Those two games were very memorable, and showed us this team of Sharks has heart.

However, this is where the marriage with Ron Wilson needs to end. After 4 years of losing out in the playoffs, and three years straight being ousted in game 6 of the second round, the past 2 games showed us the type of team Sharks fans have been wanting, but it was 2 games too late.

The Sharks finally showed heart. But we should have had a team with heart all along. It should not take 4 years to get that. As much as I am happy and pleased with the effort from the team the last 2 games, the Sharks organization needs to move on.

Ron Wilson is a good coach, but he does seem a bit cold. I have never met the guy, just going off of interviews, footage of him coaching, and what he says.

There are plenty of potential head coaches out there who would love to coach the Sharks.

The Sharks need a different identity. Right now, outside of the Bay Area, they are considered and viewed as a team that does well in the season, but are the chokers of the west, Ottawa being the chokers in the east.

I want a head coach, who was/is a proven Stanley Cup winner.

This idea may be out there, but why not see if Patrick Roy wants to coach the Sharks?

He is a proven Stanley Cup winner as a goaltender, and I understand he is currently the owner, GM, and head coach of the Quebec Remparts. But maybe he would enjoy sunny San Jose as a coach, while he could continue to own the Remparts.

It's just a crazy idea!

But in all honestly, I do not think that would be a bad situation.

However, there are plently of potential candidates out there who could replace Wilson.

Just look around the league, and you will find many potential candidates. John Tortorella to name another head coach I would like to see coaching the Sharks.

Wilson has been the franchises winningest head coach, but has no Stanley Cups to show for it, or even appearances in the Cup finals. We need someone who will truly take us there, not lose out in game 6 of the second round 3 years straight.

As much as the Sharks seemed to have it together to go on a run, they gave themselves no room for error in the end. If the Sharks had not lost the first 3 games, the series would have ended and the Sharks would be facing Detroit soon.

I will always remember the past 2 games as entertaining, unforgettable Sharks games. However, if I want to always have these pure memories and moments in time, these two games must also be remembered as the end of the Ron Wilson era.

The Sharks season was full of highs and lows, triumphs and defeats. I am glad it ended on a high with the Sharks battling to the very end of the game. The Sharks worked hard, and I am glad they ended trying to make history. In the end, though, it was the exact same result as past seasons.

This season just ended on a high not, instead of a 2-0 shutout.

I hope the Sharks season next year starts on a high note of new motivation, new faces, same dreams, and a new era.

Thanks for a great season Sharks! I look forward to next season and what will unfold in the offseason.

Go Sharks!


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May 6, 2008 4:44 PM ET | Delete
- goalies make terrible coaches- just because a guy wins the Cup as a player, coach, or GM doesn't make it an automatic repeat. In fact for GMs, the odds are they won't win it again with another team.- If you can convincingly explain why Tortorella would be a better coach than RW, then you will have my ear-
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