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"bleeding teal in Buffalo"
Buffalo, NY • United States • 21 Years Old • Male
Well Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I apologize for being unable to listen or get onto Sharksbuzz last night. I do not think I was able to keep my eyes open past 10:30 last night. I am a swimmer at Canisius College, and we have been going crazy with our winter practices this week. We practice 5 hours a day, so I have been pretty beat, but now I am heading home to Arkansas for a much needed break! Well I downloaded the Sharksbuzz last night and wanted to write my blog about some of the points discussed last night while I kill some time here in Chicago.

-The Tank was absolutely dead Tuesday night, but I can concur. I fell asleep during the 3rd period on my couch because the game was boring me so much, especially at 1:00am in the morning in Buffalo. The team played liked bums, and to me it all comes down to what I have been stressing, and that is passion. Except for a few fights, and a few hits, there was zero, nada, nilch. There was no effort. There should be 100% effort from everyone, every night.

-The Tank was not sold out and that is a reflection of the poor play at home. Maybe Ron Wilson should make the team stay in a hotel downtown to get them thinking they are on the road, but like Ryan and Mark said, people are dishing out money to come see them win and they keep dropping eggs at home.

-Joe Thornton needs to stop doing his well-known pull up and pass move that every team the Sharks face is ready for. If he comes down at full speed, and just drives to the net, I bet you he will catch a few defenders off-guard and unsure if he will pull up or drive to the net next time he carries the puck into the zone. It never hurts to try something new when what you do currently is not as effective as it used to be.

-I think Mark’s wife is onto something with her point about the team having so much talent that everyone wants to pass the puck off. I see lots of logic in this reasoning because the Sharks do pass the puck way too much. We need shot after shot on goal, I know passing helps set up the plays, but if you’re not getting it setup well, then be selfish and drive hard to the net, maybe force a rebound to another Shark driving to the net, maybe the team will get lucky. But you get lucky from hard work.

-Thanks to Ryan for saying they need to pick up their effort. There was no heart to go after Pronger after he rattled Setoguchi, I do not care if Pronger is 6 inches taller than me, if I was out there I would have taken every chance I had to run him into the boards or get under his skin, get him rattled, and just play physical with Pronger. Pronger is a tough customer but hockey is a tough game. Drew Remenda pointed out that he does not enjoy the idea that a hit has to be answered for by fighting the guy. Well, I am not saying you should go fight the guy, but if he wants to throw the body around, then hit him around a few times, let him know that you are going to hit hard just as much as Pronger is.

-Mark, that is kind of funny about your friend. My roommate was sitting with me before the Stars game when Modano broke the scoring record. He tells me before the game that Modano is going to dominate the Sharks just to get a rise out of me, and what does Modano do; score 2 goals in the first period. I was not too happy with my roommates, but they got a kick out of me being mad.

-I 100% agree with Ryan with regards to if Nabokov goes down to an injury. Without a doubt, there would be a serious problem, unless Patzold takes the opportunity and plays out of his mind. Stranger things have happened, but as of right now, the Sharks would be in serious trouble.

-From what Ryan was saying about the team’s practice, I have a feeling the Sharks are going to come out flying tonight against Phoenix. If I am them, I would be a little worried that the Sharks are going to be coming out hungry and very very mad from the Anaheim game. Every game is a chance to get better and figure things out, and tonight is a great opportunity to shake off Tuesday night, get mad, win at home, and have a chance to earn another 2 points Saturday night against Anaheim again.

I do not want to sound too negative about the Sharks, its okay to criticize them because I want them to play solid Sharks hockey. I have a feeling that they are going to explode soon, it has to happen, and the Sharks will show their true grit and play. Just be ready for it, because the Sharks will get it done. I have a good gut feeling about the team, I know they keep playing mediocre hockey every so often right now, but it is becoming less and less, and soon enough it will be April and the Sharks will be playing fantastic hockey. So Go Sharks, and beat the Coyotes!!!
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