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"bleeding teal in Buffalo"
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Tonight the always tough Canucks come into town, and I expect tonight will be a great game. The Sharks played well Tuesday, and I want the team to start some consistency in their game. I have a good feeling that a few players who have been struggling of late will find their game tonight. Steve Bernier had two goals, and Joe Pavelski added another Tuesday night. Maybe Rissmiller, Mitchell and Setoguchi will follow suit tonight by scoring a few.

The Sharks need to just go into the game the way they did Tuesday, but being happy they are at home, being loose, and just have fun out there. It is great when you can tell the team is having fun on the ice. By getting more consistency by doing what they did Tuesday will go a long way toward helping the team reach their full potential. The Sharks have yet to show their full game, and if I were other teams, I should be damn scared of that. As of right now, the Sharks are 3rd in the Western Conference. And that is without playing to their full potential. If im Ron Wilson I tell the team that I see Detroit in first with 46 points right now and say, let's hunt them down. View each game as a chance to reach the top of the conference and play to our full potential. Detroit has 10 more points than the Sharks, which can easily be reached as long as the Sharks start consistency tonight and through their next few games.

Let's make that a mid-season goal right now. Catch Detroit at the top on the conference. I know currently we are in third, but let's shoot for first in the conference. For some reason, I have a feeling that our paths will cross Detroit's again in the playoffs, and there is nothing better than having some standings competition during the whole season. The way you will catch Detroit, though, is not by worrying about their game, but every night we play a team, play to our full potential for a victory. Take care of teams in our division first, and then one morning when you check the standings, it will show the Sharks ahead or tied for the Conference lead.

I joined the talkcast last night and I tell ya, it was great listening and talking Sharks with other people who love this team. If you have yet to join the talkcast, which I think it might be called "Sharksbuzz," you definitly should call in Friday at 10am Pacific time, 1pm Eastern time. Some great points were made by various callers from all over the place and also trade rumors were discussed a little bit.

The thing about trade rumors that you read about, are all rumors. Last year I did an internship with an NHL team's front office hockey department. I worked closely with the GM and front staff. About every few days, we would check up the rumors and see what people were saying. Nearly everything had absolutely no basis to it, we wondered who said we would trade this guy for that guy? Clearly we were not in discussions about those players. So with that, I really do not know if anything will happen between Marleau and another team. I have two logical reasons a trade between the Canadians or Leafs probably will not happen. The first is that Marleau is way too good of a talent to be traded. I believe Ryan said it last night on the talkcast, but he is a first line center on any other team in the NHL, and would be on the Sharks if we did not have Big Joe. And second, is Doug Wilson really going to make a trade where we will not get the same caliber of players in return? Yes, the rumors list quality players on their respective teams that would go to the Sharks if the trade happened, but they are no Patty Marleau. Yeah, Patrick needs to pick up his play, and he has been critized harshly (myself included) but I would rather have him stink it up right now, and catch fire in the playoffs when it matters the most. Trading Marleau would be the same thing Boston did by trading Joe Thornton, of course not to the extend that it ruined their team's play at the time, but you get my point. I believe Doug Wilson could be thinking the same thing about trading Marleau, that it will not happen. But until something actually happens, just ignore all the rumors. Because at the end of the day, a rumor is a rumor.

So with all that, I look forward to staying warm here as the snow comes down hard today and hopefully watch the Sharks play well to a victory! Hope the weather in San Jose is better than here! Peace!

Go Sharks Go!
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