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"bleeding teal in Buffalo"
Buffalo, NY • United States • 21 Years Old • Male
Well it is cold here in Buffalo, but things will be heating up this afternoon in San Jose as the Sharks host the Stars in an afternoon game. The Sharks played their best team effort Thursday night against Vancouver, and I expect the Sharks will come out with the same effort and intensity they had Thursday. It should be a good hard fought battle over 2 points between the Pacific division rivals.

The trade rumors seem to not want to leave San Jose. The talk is with Montreal again, apparantly. Well as much as talk goes around, I personally would not want a real trade to happen, nor do I believe something will actually happen. I have watched alot of Montreal games here in Buffalo on center ice and what not, but while Montreal definitly has some good quality players, they are not the same caliber players as Marleau or whomever the trades are focused around on the Sharks. I have read many sharksboards online and I keep running into topics based around Cheechoo being traded.

I like the Sharks roster right now the way it is, and I do not want to see anyone from the outside to come in. The chemistry is good, the team is good, and everyone is happy about it. However, the only talk I could see being relevant and understand is if they include Cheechoo. Now, I would rather keep him, let him heal on the IR, and see how he performs when he comes back. But if Doug Wilson is thinking about trading him, I see the reasoning and based on what Montreal would give up, could possibly be a good deal.

With that said though, I definitly think you have to give Cheechoo a chance to prove himself first. He needs to get back on Joe's line. If he does not start performing then, it might be a good time to look for a trade involving him. I have faith in him to come back and perform, though. After all, he is playing for the team he dreamed and wrote about playing for when he was 12.

I know many Sharks fans want him gone based on his lack of performance, but he is a good player, let's give him a chance when he comes back and then we will go from there.

And while the rumors stir up talk and interest, I do not buy into them, generally they are made up and completely unreal. Montreal fans can speak of whomever they wish to be traded and creat rumors and buzz, but I do not see anything actually happening.

With all that said, I forsee a good game this afternoon, the Sharks will continue their play of fire and passion at home, and hopefully will come out on top, oh yeah and do not worry about the rumors, let's worry about the team we have, our next opponent, and how the team plays in each game with the current roster we have. So let's go Sharks!

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