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"bleeding teal in Buffalo"
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After that amazing come from behind win on Friday over Dallas 3-2 are now back to where we all left off. The Sharks are again back to game 6 in the second round.

The real test.

The San Jose Sharks and all who love this team are right back to where the past 2 seasons have ended. The game 6.

Game 5 was amazing in San Jose, but as soon as the first puck is dropped to night, nothing from what carries over into game 5 matters.

The Sharks have shown great promise after rising from the dead to make this a series. But it takes 4 games to win the series, not 2. Tonight the Sharks need to force a date with destiny. I believe in this San Jose team that they can indeed pull off two more wins right now and win the series against Dallas.

I just hope the 3rd period Sharks of the last two games show up and more! The Sharks need to head into Dallas hungry for a game 6 victory over the Stars. Dallas is definitly expecting it.

The Sharks need to make themselves feel welcome at the AAC and play their 3rd period hockey for a full 60 minutes. The Sharks need to be aggressive against every Stars player.

So far, the past two game 6's had a team play scared, played without character or heart. This team is different.

The Sharks have shown they have what it takes to overcome obstacles. This Sharks team can rally off 2 more wins for 4 straight and a series victory. I believe in this team, just need to continue their 3rd period play.

Do not give anyone, any space. Period.

The Sharks need to make sure every Stars player has no space to make any moves, or get off clean passes and shots. The Sharks need to force turnovers from their aggressive forecheck.

Skate, hustle, forcheck, drive to the net, play desperate

I know the Sharks and all of us feel good after that 6ame 5 victory, but we cannot get too comfortable. The Sharks still cannot afford to lose, at all.

The Sharks are still one game away from elimination. So the only thing that matters is to beat Dallas tonight. Beat them tonight, and force a tomorrow again. Because until there is a win tonight, there is no tomorrow. Outplay the Stars, win all the small victories, and play hard. Play fearless in Dallas.

I want a tomorrow. I want another amazing game 7 at the Shark Tank. And I want another chance at those Red Wings. But take of tonight first and foremost.

Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, Jeremy Roenick, Brian Campbell, Evgeni Nabokov, and the rest of the team needs to play every period like its the 3rd, and more.

I hope the potential chance at history, to tie the series, is enough motivation to get the rest of the team pumped up.

I am motivated, pumped, and I believe in this team!

Go Sharks!

Beat Dallas and force a game 7!


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