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"bleeding teal in Buffalo"
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I will be honest. I am pretty dissapointed about the loss tonight. Not about the effort, but just simply about the loss. I expected the Sharks to come out tonight after that 2 hour meeting and really take it to Anaheim. Instead, when the Sharks pushed, Anaheim pushed back and the Sharks did not push harder. I am not going to try and get into this too much to keep my sanity, but the Sharks got beat by Anaheim. There really is no other way to look at it.

I know that problems are not fixed overnight, but to lose after a 2-hour meeting is dissapointing and clearly shows changes are needed. Especially when everyone expects you to fix things by winning that first game after a meeting like that. However there were positives from the Sharks. They dominated the hit stat, which is what the team needs to do more of. The had good socring chances generated from hitting and skating. I just wish they won the last game of this homestand before going out on the road and probably dominate during the majority of their road trip. The fans at home that dish out money to come out are very upset they spend their money to see the team lose. I am sure Jamison does not like empty seats either due to this dissapointing play at home.

Eventhough the Sharks did do a few things that were wanted to be achieved tonight, I just do not believe the meeting was enough. The Sharks need a change somewhere along the lines. I read Ryan Garner's blog about his meeting with Doug Wilson and his comments about how he could make the team better right now really struck me. What is wrong with making this team better now? Isn't it our goal to win the Stanley Cup this year and every year, not just 3-4 years from now? I understand that he does not want to give up core players on this team that would make the Sharks a contender each season, but this team is not a contender as of right now and not all players on the team are core players to the Sharks. Every team that has done something to get better now and won a cup have not necessarily dropped off after they win. Look at Anaheim, they returned to their championship form this week as we all know, especially with Neidermeyer back.

If the Sharks want to win long-term and this season, a change has to be made. Whether it is trading a player, or signing someone, or finding a new head coach. And until a change is made, I do not believe this team has what it takes yet to be a contender and even the playoffs are not a guarantee. Anaheim is the measuring stick on your chances of being a contender and clearly the Sharks are not right now. Until the Sharks can consistently beat the Ducks and other strong teams, they are not a contender for the cup. They are just simply a team that has big dreams, big expectations, and fall short year after year.

Don't get me wrong, this team has the potential to be a contender. But as of right now I still believe a change has to be made to make this team better because in the end we all want this team to win and play good hockey. It is why we are all so frustrated right now.

Either a change has to be made or get ready for another bitter, frustrating end to the season.
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