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"bleeding teal in Buffalo"
Buffalo, NY • United States • 21 Years Old • Male
I am already feeling a bit anxious today due to the 2 day break between games 2 and 3 between the Sharks and Flames.

Thankfully, there is some afternoon hockey to watch between Detroit and Nashville. Does anyone else notice that Detroit is constantly almost interfering with opposing teams goaltenders? Holmstrom is always parked right in front of the net, and as much as I hated it against the Sharks last year, it works.

The Sharks did a better job in game 2 by causing traffic in front of the net, and crashing the net hard. Torrey Mitchell's goal was the result of him crashing the net, finding the puck, and banging it into the net.

One of the points I brought up for the Sharks to be successful in game 2 was that they need to move their feet, and constantly move. The Sharks did do a better job of that in game 2, but they stood around on the powerplay and tried forcing plays. Ron Wilson complained about his team standing around afterwards.

Think what the score could have been if the Sharks were moving around, skating, and making smart passes while they were on the powerplay. The Sharks could have destroyed Calgary, but they were lazy and tried forcing things.

Thankfully Mitchell was moving and pounced on the puck for his goal.

I will say it again, and this was one of the ideas my coach growing up always preached.

If you're not moving your feet, you're doing something wrong!

And, that includes the powerplay.

Nabokov's two saves in game two are still fresh in my mind, and on anyone following the playoffs. Most of the students at my college know I am the die-hard and loyal Sharks fan. I have the Sharks license plate on the front of my blazer. I have a Sharks necklace, and all week long I was proudly wearing teal. And, my house is decorated everywhere with Sharks memoriabilia.

And it was very exciting to have people come up to me and tell me those two saves on Nabokov were two of the best saves they have seen.

I believe there is some connection between the Sharks and Sabres. It is not just because of the ex-Sabres who currently play for the Sharks. Many people who wear blue and gold have told me that their team they want to win the Cup is San Jose this year. Of course, if the Sabres were in the playoffs everyone in Buffalo would want their own team to win.

But even over 2,000 miles away, the Sharks are being supported in Buffalo. I have turned my roomates into Sharks fans, and hope more people I know will follow suit.

It gets kind of tough staying up til 1 a.m watching hockey during the regular season because of the time difference, but in the playoffs, nothing matters.

It doesn't matter if I have to get up the next morning at 6 for practice, and am exhausted because I watched the Sharks play their way to victory the night before.

Staying up late to watch the Sharks has been my routine since my family moved out of the Bay Area in 1994. I have been a Sharks fan on the road pretty much my whole life as a fan. When I return to the BA and visit family, I always have to do two things. Go to Togo's and order a number 2, and depending the time of the year, go see the Sharks play at home.

It sometimes is frustrating to only be able to watch the games on tv, make a roadtrip and see them team on the road, or when I am back in SJ. However, it gives me a huge appreciation for the Sharks when I do get the chance to see the Sharks at home.

Even when I see the Shark Tank from the highway, or from the plane coming into SJ, I get butterflies, and get that feeling I got the very first time I walked into the Cow Palace in 1992 when I was very young.

I envy all the fans a little bit who get the opportunity to go see the Sharks play at home, and I become very dissapointed and angry when I see empty seats in the arena during games. I hate how people will sell their seats, and not go to games because they want a few extra bucks. Dude, you do not know what you are missing.

So to all you fans who have the opportunity to see the Sharks play at home, cherish it. Never take it for granted, because the Sharks are special. The city they play in is special, and the Shark Tank is very special. I hope I do not see any empty seats on tv during game 5 because I don't understand what could be better than seeing a playoff hockey game at the Tank.

I would do anything to be sitting in those empty seats during games. Hopefully the Sharks playoff season will continue into May, and when my semester is over, I will be able to get out to the west coast for a home playoff game. Or, perhaps if San Jose has to play a team in the eastern conference in close proximity to Buffalo, I will be one of the few fans covered in teal, doing what I do best, cheering the Sharks on the road.

It has always been a dream of mine to play for the Sharks, I have the drive, the motivation, the smarts, and I had the skill, but when you nearly break your neck in a game, that kind of kills your chances of going pro.

Since I have been here in college, I did an internship with the Buffalo Sabres. I worked with the hockey department under Darcy Regier scouting off of video of future prospects, and of regular season opponents. It was a great opportunity to work with a good hockey team, last season.

If Bryan Marchment needs an assistant while scouting for the Sharks, I would be more than willing to help in any way I could. Hey, I can dream can't I?

Well enough of my rambling, it is a great day to relax and watch other games on tv. Tomorrow is gameday.

Whoever wins tomorrow also takes a huge momentum swing in the series. I will write more tomorrow about my ideas for the game.

I am enjoying my lazy day, enjoy yours. Watch hockey, hang out with some friends, and prepare for tomorrow. It is going to be a sea of red in the Saddledome, and the Sharks will bring their A road game. It will be a good one.

Take Care, and Go Sharks!
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