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"bleeding teal in Buffalo"
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Yup, we all know what nees to be done.

This team; players, coaches, and management all need to a good long look at each other and decide what changes need to be done now to get better. The Sharks are not going to win the Stanley Cup this year at this rate, and if they want to make an attempt at it this year or even next year, we need changes.

The changes are not a new captain or new scorers, but the true leaders of this organization. Specifically the coach for sure, and the questionable ownership. This has been an extremely frustrating season thus far, and I expect it will only continue if no changes are made.

I have invested alot of my life into this team, and it hurts more each year when the team still does not do anything to get better or make the Cup Finals. Each fan has a different idea on how to make the team better, but if you truly understand the game, you would agree there should be a change in a few specific areas; coaches, ownership, and a few players.

I think it is time for Ron Wilson to go. I wanted him gone after last season because I did not trust he could get the job done this year, and so far I have been right in my thoughts of him needing to be gone.

I am sick of the mediocre play, the line juggling, and the lack of a drive to win. All three issues stem directly from the coach. His style of play is not working, and we cannot compete with the best teams in the league. Wilson is so desperate for offence, that he keeps switching lines, and as a player, line juggling is frustrating and may only worsen the situation. Players are more comfortable playing with the same linemates and can know what they are thinking to make plays happen. The constant juggling throws players off and causes the offence to go into a funk.

The lack of passion is clearly stemming from the coach. As a player you can only be so motivated when your coach is not motivating at all. I can personally attest to this right now. My coach here is terribly unmotivational, and it is tough being motivated when your coach is not. The Sharks could be a much better team with a different coach. To me it just seems like Wilson is dragging this team down and has to go now. If Doug Wilson cannot find a decent coach to replace him, then Doug shouls just coach the team. He was able to motivate the team during that meeting Ron was not in attendance in. Doug's motivation would be so much better than what we have now at head coach.

I am certain of one thing about this team, and that is Doug Wilson is not the problem. Doug Wilson is a great GM, and has done a decent job of making this team up, with the resources he has been giving.

I just do not want to hear the same bullcrap to be patient and wait. No, I do not want to wait. I have waited 17 long years for this team to even just make the Cup Finals. I am sick and tired of waiting for players to develop, for the team to turn it around, and for a Stanley Cup.

I am not the only fan sick of waiting, we all are. So do not give us that just be patient bullcrap. I love all the players on the team, but I love the team itself more, not certain players. I am going to always love the players who play and played for the Sharks. If that means trading some away, then so be it. However, I do not think that is necessary yet. The Sharks could bring in better players if we spend some money since the Sharks have cap room. I am uncertain if Doug Wilson can do that. It is not his call, it is the management's call with how much Doug is allowed to spend.

I have a huge concern with the ownership of this team. I have never met Greg Jamison or ever spoken to him, but to me, it seems like his main concern is running a successful business, instead of a successful hockey team. There is a huge difference between the two. A successful business is about making money anyway possible. A successful hockey team is winning big games, competing with the best in the league, and ultimately winning the Stanley Cup anyway possible. I am questioning Greg Jamison. Is he content with stupid gimmicks or is he actually committed to winning a Stanley Cup? Right now to me, he is content with just making money and revenues off this team and ripping the die-hard fans off.

You cannot tell me that this season has not been filled with litte gimmicks to make more money than to make the team better. Sure the arena improvements are awesome, but with a new ribbon board, you can increase advertisments revenue with a board like that where you can switch the ads periodically throughout the game as opposed to the old advertisements which had to be removed to be changed.

And do not try to convince me that the team got new uniforms because the team's logo needs to be updated for the 21st century. The quickest way a team can make money is by changing the logo or jerseys, forcing all the fans who want to buy gear; buy the newest and latest gear. The old Sharks logo, is so much better, and by far one of the best in the league. The Sharks look like clowns on the ice with those uniforms and logo. Besides, I do not think I have ever seen a Shark that has orange eyes and gills.

It just seems right now that he is all about making as much of a profit as possible. This thought will further be solidified if the Sharks do not try to get a player before the trade deadline. The Sharks have a ton of cap space, and the only reason I can see that is to minimize costs to increase profit and revenue. I hope Jamison is commited to winning as much as the fans and players are. If not, then the problems this team face is stemming from the very top. I understand there is a tough balance to run a successful hockey team and business, but he has to do more for this team and for the fans..

Maybe I am just a little too frustrated at this point. I want a team that is fun to watch, wins at home, beats Detroit, beats Anaheim, has a motivational head coach, has an owner that has a desire to win a Cup as much as the fans, and hoists the Stanley Cup in San Jose. I want all these things now, but right now I am just dreaming until changes are made to address these issues. And until these changes are made, many fans will continue to be frustrated and this team will continue to dissapoint.

No more patient, more more bullcrap. We need changes, and we need changes now.

And thats what needs to be done. And it needs to be done now.
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Bob Hartley needs a job. Might be what you're looking for. Not that I wouldn't mind the Sharks sinking into utter mediocrity, but hey....
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