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Well we have another exciting match up between these 2 division rivals, even with Buffalo being ravaged with injuries, sens can’t look past this game to Saturday night's tilt against the wings. Its going to be Gerber in nets for Ottawa and kind of surprisingly we are going to see Thibeault, or T-Bonz as the buffalo faithful like to call him (and I will now be calling him that. a lot) nets for Buffalo.
First Period Highlights: WOW sens are out with a ton of energy, glad to see they are moving there legs!!! Mike Fisher just shot the puck so hard it looked like it was going to knock tbonz's glove right off his hand...I make no effort to hide my "man crush" on Mike Fisher, but wow, does he ever take a shift off? Considering he almost didn’t play tonight from the Flu ,he’s a monster out there again! HOLY TBONZ!!! Great old school pad stack save on Donovon..Ottawa PP not to bad,no goals but at least they are moving the puck and throwing some in the general direction of the net...couple good saves from Gerber, nice one of Vanek's breakaway...how did macamond manage to break out off the boards with the puck with 2 sabers D-men on him?...OhHH Spezza ,why oh why did you have to try and make another deak!! when will you learn to just shoot the puck! your wrist shot is LETHAL!..Second PP for Sens was old school Ottawa Terribleness, I have an idea ,dump in the puck and then retrieve...Nice dust up with Neil and Gaustad, virtually a draw, neil landed some solid blows early and Goose jerseryed (I tried to spell check, but its not in there, so as far as im concerned that’s how you spell it) neil and got some licks in.
Good first period from both teams, sens outshot buff 8-6, Great tone as both teams were moving there feet and firing the puck,im fairly certain both teams had about another 6 missed shots each..on to period 2!
Second Period Highlights: 24 seconds in and we have a 1-0 lead for the Sens, great 2on 1 with a beauty saucer pass from Kelly and Donovan goes roof daddy…Great save from Gerber off a pominville shot up front…Big hit from Kaletta on Corvo, Bass immediately comes back after him and ends up in the penalty box..just as a general observation, and im sure this will draw the ire of sabers fans, but is there any player the Buffalo team that doesn’t dive???...GREAT penalty kill with the Sens have 3 outstanding short handed chances…OHHHH NEIL NO!!! how do you miss an open net like that??..The Sens are starting to take over this period…I gotta tell ya, Sens powerplay is just awefull, 2 back to back with NOTHING HAPPENING!!!...Sabres to the PowerPlay…GREAT play by Fisher to chip the puck up for Alfie with a beauty Short Handed marker at 17:08 of the second, 2-0 Sens…Gerber makes a great save as the Sabres come right back…End of the second, shots are now 17-11 Sens.
Good second period from the Sens, Ok period from the Sabres, Senators are failing to capitalize on there chances…off the 3rd!
Third Period Highlights: Nice move by Clark Macarthur to make it 2-1 Sens, only 1:38 into the period, poor coverage by Ottawa on the goal…Nice Save from Gerber, the Sens are falling asleep at the wheel here in the 3rd…WOW, PowerPlay CrapFest from the Sens tonight, just Horrible they cant even get the zone, nothing going at all..Neil AGAIN misses a wide open net???? How does that happen twice in a game!...and BOOM we gotta a new game Paille scores on a nice shot ( a bit of a softy though…) at 12:52 of the Third,2-2…The Sens are completely giving this game away, great pressure from the Sabres and Sens not doing anything to answer back…End of the Third Shots were 12-6 Buffalo, Sens are 0-6 on the PP and Sabres are 0-3 on the PP, shots even at 23.
OT: Strong OT by the Sens, some decent chances off the Rush, shots are 2-1 Ottawa..Nothing doing after 5 minutes..SHOOTOUT TIME…

Shoot Out: Alfredsson- OH hits the post…
Kotalik- Fired WIDE…
Vermette- no dice... deak’s himself out….
Stafford- Gerber poke checks it away
Spezza- NUTHIN..it actually looked like he lobbed the puck into TBonz…
Pominville- Gerber makes the save!
Heater- nothing..also Deak’s himself out
MacArthur- Poke checked, nice job by Gerber
Fisher- ROOF DADDY AGAIN!...Scores...
Vanek- SCORES! Keeps the shootout alive with a bullit shot..
McAmmond- Scores.ROOF DADDY!!!!
Hecht-No goal, great blocker save by Gerber SENS WIN 3-2 SO

All in All a great game to watch, although that 3rd period made ma throw up in my mouth a little bit watching the Sens blow another lead to this Sabres team, and even though this is the 8th loss in a row for Buffalo they can build on this one, they got a point and really came on hard in the 3rd period, and really forced again to go much longer then it should have. Ottawa cant play games like this very often and get away with it, 0-6 on the PP isn’t acceptable, not to mention all the other missed opportunities they had to put this game away and couldn’t find the back of the net, good on Buffalo for hanging long enough and capitalizing on the opportunities. The Sens need to look ahead to the game of the year on Saturday against Detroit, they are going to have to put together a much stronger, complete game if they hope to walk away with the 2 points on Saturday night!!!!
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January 10, 2008 11:58 PM ET | Delete
So do you think this was a case of the Sens looking past the game? On my end it looked like the Sabs just really wanted it more and went for it.
January 11, 2008 10:47 AM ET | Delete
I dont think they were entirely looking past the game, in my opinion I think they thought they were going to be able to do a dance on Buffalo going into the third, as they had basically controlled the play for most of the First 2 periods..this is still something that concerns me with this team a bit. I will Agree that Buffalo definately looked like they wanted it more in the third, and good on them for taking it to the Sens, made for a more entertaining finale!
January 11, 2008 11:15 AM ET | Delete
These two teams always play a good game to watch. I thought the Sabres looked pretty pathetic in the second period, I'm still waiting for a 60 minute effort from them. If they find a way to do that, they are a team to be reckoned with any night. What "dive" were you referring to? I know Sens fans will accuse us of it, but I really don't think much of that is happening this year. Roy finally has woken up and realized it is better to stay on his feet, and he was the longest holdout IMO.
January 11, 2008 2:35 PM ET | Delete
Maybe not really a full on dive, I thought Kaletta really embellished after contact with Bass and drew the penalty. And yes I dont think they are diving quite as much..I could hardly watch Roy or Afinagenov for that matter last year..you couldnt touch those guys without them dropping...
January 11, 2008 2:49 PM ET | Delete
Now I'll watch for it on the second time around, I am a glutton for punishment!!
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