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A Whoopin In Philly...

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Well, again not too much to say about last nights game, I said earlier that if the Sens put the same effort on the ice as they did against Tampa, they would get spanked, and they did, 6-1 to a very good, very hot Philly team. Dont be fooled by the shot count in the game, the Sens outshot the Flyers, but this game wasnt even close, all the shots were perimater shots and no one was going to the net to try to get on a rebound or screen the goalie, or for that matter make any kind of Hockey related play. Its quite plain to see now how much Alfie means to this team, same with Heater, but with Alfie out of the lineup the group just looks lost, I know the injuries this team is dealing with right now are massive, you take the the top 2 scorers out from any team and it will have an impact, but this team has enough talent that they should be able to overcome and produce.

A lot of interesting things make there way through my head during games like this, I tend to lose focus on the hockey game when 1 team is being so badly outplayed, I realized after seeing the trailer for the new Rambo movie about 8 times throughout the broadcast that its probably going to be an awesome movie, and I wonder how long it will take for the feeling to return inside my mouth to come back after burning off the top portion biting into pizza that was too hot...and I think the most interesting question that ran through my mind randomly was what it would have been like to live in the old west, but to have modern weapons...

Good on Kelly for finally scoring, this made it so we at least wouldnt get shut out 2 games in a row. Im not in full panick mode just yet, these kinds of games will happen throughout the season, and frankly I would rather see it happen in my January then see them play like this come late march and into April. All indications are pointing towards Alfie being back for Tuesday's tilt against Florida (a game the Sens should win, depending on what teams shows up..) and apparantly Heatley is expected back sooner than the 4-6 week original prognoses, hes been skating already on his own and hopefully he can return around the 3 week mark.

Well nothing like going 0-2 over the weekend, back to back embarasing loses is probably good for the team, helps keep them grounded, and hopefully they will come away from this a better team, and more prepared to play on tuesday night!!!
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