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Ive been watching the last 5 Sens games and noticed some people, skating around, i Ottawa Senators Uniforms, but...wait..something isn't right...this cant be MY Ottawa senators, this isn't the Team I love so much???the REAL senators don't drop a 5-3 loss to the FLORIDA PANTHERS who are these imposter's...and what have they done MY SENATORS!!!

Another game against what I, and many fans would consider a bottom end team (Florida is 13th with 16 fewer points then Ottawa) Another lackluster performance, I guess I shouldn't REALLY say that, The Sens out shot Florida by a good margin and ill credit to Vokun who stood on his head most of the night, but at the same time, the Sens didn't dominate like you would expect a first place team to against a 13th place team. A lot of passengers on this team playing lazy hockey has absolutely been killing them, the third period in tonights game was so hard to watch, that..well I basically couldn't watch it anymore, the upside to all this, I set a personal best on brick breaker on my blackberry (level 31, 14325 points..nice..) Basically what im trying to get at is, for some reason we have seen the worst hockey this has played, I would say over the last 2 years happening right now, the last 5 games (with exception to the Carolina game) have been so bad that I have had to stop watching each game by the third period to save myself from having to clean up the living room from all the things I can find to throw.

The one thing I have noticed is just how much Heater means to the team, Alfie is a huge key to the puzzle, but you can see even with him back the explosive offense just isn't there without Heatley's big cannon. The only player that I can say anything positive about over the last couple weeks is Mike Fisher, he has shown up every night and played hard, I can honestly say that if he didn't show up in tonights came the Sens would have had zero offense. Ya know...im getting really tired of the goal tending woes this team is having, Emery played an OK game, made some solid saves and then lets in an absolute back breaker to make it 4-2, either one of these goalies has to pick up there play, or sadly this team is going knowhere fast.

The other issue I have right now is with Paddock, im just not sure what to make of him right now, ive been up and down with him all season, Im just not sure if hes the right man for the job here in Ottawa. I don't know what it is exactly about the way he coaches, but he just doesn't seem to be able to get this team to focus or drive home the intensity needed..I don't know...maybe im just upset and looking for things to lay blame on, but I think there is a lot he has done that I don't agree with. IE the constant line juggling, musical goalies...I dunno...

I'm starting to display some signs of panicking a little bit right now..ive never felt like this team needs a major shakeup before, but im feeling that right now..Im really hoping that Murray can pull the trigger on a semi major trade to land a soild top 6 forward, and frankly I hope he can land a stay at home, physical D-Man. The team right now, is just missing too many pieces to the puzzle to be considered a legitimate threat in the playoffs. Ya i know its kinda early to be saying things like this, but this team, as of right now, in my opinion has cashed in all the equity they earned from there great start,they cant keep losing what should be gimme games like tonight. I would be surprised if the Sens even pull out a win against Tampa on Thursday, in fact I fully expect a loss.

The Sens need to regroup and really take a look at themselves and remember what its like to play a hard full 60 minutes, because unfortunately thats what its going to take to win, neither goalie is going to steal a game for them, and frankly the talent on this team ,right now isn't doing enough to coast to a win. And to make matters worse, all the teams chasing Ottawa for first overall are extremely hot, dont be suprised to see the Sens knocked out of tops in the East by Early Feb if this keeps up!!!! Time to take the allstar break, regroup and come back out flying!!!


WOW, Habs just absolutely OWN the bruins this year,,,they spanked them 8-2..crazy......Well Philly just found out how we felt on Sunday night..NJ hammered them tonight 7-3....Another big score, 6-3 the Isles gave it to Carolina, I caught the tail end of the game, the 5th goal was classic...Rangers back on the winning side with 4-0 win (yay shutout, i have lundqvist in my pool..) lets see if Colin Campbell has the cajones to suspend Kovalchuk for a brutal hit from behind...Tampa picks up a big 2 points to move them closer to being out of the gutter of the east...
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