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Hello All, I havent posted anything a little over a week, I decided I didnt want to get going about the Sens last week and really, theres not much to say about the All-Star weekend, it is what it is!!! Im also going to stay away from the Ray Emery saga, all I will say is this kid has to get his crap together, act like an adult rather than a spoiled little kid, and frankly at this point I would rather see him gone than dragging down the locker room with his constant drama.

Now that being said, last nights game against the Islanders was a really good effort from the whole team, looked like a bit of a statement game by several players. Gerber looked real solid is nets, making some key saves, and really had no chance on either of the goals. Fisher was once again crazy awesome, he is on pace for a career high year and it looks like he has finally emerged as the solid 2nd line center that we all knew he would be. Also the line of Fisher-Neil-Mccamond is awesome, this line has developed some really nice chemistry with tons of speed, good defensive awareness and lots of crash bang. Im so happy to finally see Paddock using McCamond rather than letting him rot on the 4th line, hes a guy that can contribute so much more to this team and its showing now hes been given the minutes. Spezza also looked solid last night with 2 points, and Alfie was good as usual. Minor concern for Alfie missing the 3rd period with a sore hip, hopefully hes going to be OK and back in the lineup thursday night. The 4th line played a decent game foligno had a lot of jump and Mcgratton actually wasnt totally horrible which was a nice change.

Now the bad, Corvo had an ugly game, the giveaway for the first goal was just terrible, Redden didnt have a terrible game but still looks like he is scared to get hit. There still a little concern about the teams 3rd period performances of late, they kind of let NY get back into this game when they should have stayed on the gas and put it away. It did seem like once the Isles scored there 2nd goal the Sens clamped down and really started to press and were awarded with 2 more goals. And lastly, the PowerPlay...it started well with a goal on our first chance..and then from there...Horrible Craptaculiorness (ya...its a word..) I dont think i will ever understand why the Sens PP is so bad...but it just is...they couldnt get the zone, they could generate anything...TERRIBLE!!!

A quick note from another game, when the Sens game ended I flipped over to see what was going on in the other games last night and I caught a bit of the Leafs-Blues game and I saw, what I think is one of the oddest things I have ever seen, Antropov gets called on a holding penalty, hes complaining all the way to the box, they show the replay..and I swear to god..Antropov grabs the Blues players stick, takes it from him and skates away STILL HOLDING THE BLUES PLAYER STICK..then holds it out like hes gonna give it back to him and then just throws it aside...ive never seen that before, how do you even complain that call??? anyways I couldnt stop laughing after I saw that..just thought I would share..

So thats about all I have to say about last night, looks like the Sens are moving in the right direction and looked a lot more like the Sens from the start of the year, hopefully Gerber can really grab the ball and go with it and show Emery what it takes to be the starter. Next stop Boston on Thursday night and then the Leafs on Saturday!
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