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Another Embarasing Loss...

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Well there really isn't too much to say about last night abysmal loss to the Leafs, what is happening to the Sens???? now I know the injury situation is hardly something that can be overlooked, you cant pull 3 top tier players off any team and expect them to be as competitive, The loss of Alfie and Heater has been huge to this team so far, and last nights last minute scratch of Phillips proved to be too much for the team to overcome. That being said, I would say its borderline unacceptable for this team to lose the way they did last night to the Leafs, theres not a single person out there in hockeyland that can honestly say the Leafs should be beating the Sens, at any point, the way the 2 teams are put together, BUT the Sens for the second game in a row versus Toronto completely didn't show up, the only player who looks like he actually wants to play every night is Mike Fisher, and you know his frustation level has to be hitting a boiling point with the amount of passengers this team has right now.

It has become extremely obvious that Jason Spezza is the kind of player who needs his wingmen to play at the level hes capable of, I frankly don't know what exactly Paddock was thinking putting him with Chris Neil and Chris Kelly, you cant put a play maker like Spezza together with 2 guys that on the majority of nights, cant finish. And on that same note, im getting a little tired with Paddock's coaching style, constantly changing the lines and playing musical goaltenders, the most ridiculous thing was seeing Chris Neil score to tie the game, and then next shift paddock has the lines changed up again?? WHAAAA???? I hope Murray is paying close attention to all of this and I really hope we see him back behind the bench before the end of the year.

Now...onto to Wade Redden..what happened to this guy?? he used to be Elite, he used to be fun to watch, he used to be strong on the puck...now hes just terrible, every time hes out there something bad happens, I hope we can move him out because at this point hes not helping the Sens at all.

This is going to be short and sweet, the reffing last night..was just, well whats the word...HORRIBLE, I don't know what exactly Ottawa did to Mcreary and Marouelli, but every time either or both of these guys are reffing a sens game, you just know its going to be bad...I mean really..how does Toronto, or any other team for that matter get NO PENALTIES...that was a little ridiculous....Good thing the Sens Penalty Kill was so strong.

NOW its not all Doom and Gloom, reports are the Alfie is going to be back sooner than later and Heatley could be back as early as this Saturday nights game against the suddenly charging Habs (which would be a lovely birthday present for me) and Philips is more than likely only going to miss the one game and will be back Tuesday in Montreal

So this week is crazy important for the Sens to get back in shape as by the end of the week, it certainly looks as though Ottawa will be knocked out of here comfy spot at the top of the Eastern Conference for the first time this season, and to be completely honest I think it is the best thing that could happen to them!!!
February 5, 2008 10:15 AM ET | Delete
It's been really hard watching the Sens go downhill, as I had them picked at the beginning of the season to go to the Cup. Those guys have more problems then just players - something in upper level is wrong, and affecting players also.
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