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We Miss You Alfie...

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Well wow...not much to say about last nights horrible performance against the lightning, nothing was working, no matter what line combo Paddock put out, there just seemed to be zero chemistry. Im not sure what happens to this team when playing a bottom end team, they just completely no show...Now I know the injury situation makes it tough (take the top 2 scorers out from any team and see what happens) but regardless, theres no excuse for coming out that flat. The Sens were missing the jump and spark that our captain provides everytime he is out on the ice, so in short, we miss you Alfie..please come back soon!!!!

Some other general observations from last nights game against Tampa...I really honestly don't think that this Team plays as hard in front of Emery, I think this was once again a message being sent by the Sens of whom they want in Nets, I understand the Logic of playing Emery last night as the Sens face a much tougher opponent tonight in the Flyers, but I think at this point you have to give the ball to Gerber and let him run with it. Im not sure what else the guy has to do to get through to paddock to deserve a shot at being the official number 1 goaile, but I have to think Paddock has to at least give him a shot.

Another lackluster game from some of our secondary scorers, this is becoming an issue that the Sens will have to address if these guys (Vermette,Kelly.Mcammond,Neil and Robitaille) cant get there game together. I thought Eaves once again looked good out there, and again Fisher was solid ,even Spezza I thought had a pretty solid game, but you could see he was just trying to do way too much by himself.

Some other general things I noticed from around the league last night, scrolling through centre ice...I know we beat Detroit, but wow are they ever good, they put on a clinic against the Sharks, San Jose got into Penalty trouble and Detroit made them pay, but also dominated them all over the Ice, Although Roenick still looks to have some gas left in his tank!...Toronto actually pretty a pretty solid game against Buffalo, but the real question has to be how does Buffalo win 10-1 on friday night and then basically suck it up on saturday night, I really thought Buffalo was going to get it together, but it really looks like they are not a playoff team this year....Vancouver got beat again by LA, seems the Kings are like the caps to us...on a side not, the Canucks have by far, the ugliest home uniforms in all of the NHL, theres absolutely nothing nice about them...

SO tonight the Sens face off against a strong Philly Team, should be either a fun game to watch, with the downey storyline (allthough I doubt anything will happen) OR if the sens put the effort that they did last night, its going to be an ugly game to watch if your a sens fan...
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