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Sens and the All-Star Game

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Well we all knew Alfie was going to the game in Atlanta at the end of the month,and Congrats to him for being voted in for the first time in his career, but the League released the full list for the East and not overly suprising are the names Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza, so it looks like the Game will Feature the Big Line, or Cash Line, or Pizza Line or as I like to call them the "Holy Crap Did they actually just do that" Line. It will be interesting to see if Paddock decides to play them together during the game, it would be fun to see the kind of Damage they could do at this event, we have all seen how dominant they can be during regular games, imagine them during a so called "for fun" game!
A couple names from the Sens that I would have liked to have seen at the game are Phillips and Volchenkov, now I know they dont really fit into the mould of what the game is all about, but these are 2 players that I think are just as deserving as a Chara or Kaberle. Also I was partially kinda half suprised that Gerber isnt going to be there, but certaily his play of late doesnt justify an invite, he still had a hell of a start!
Overall im pretty happy with both squads, and even though I read a lot of negative press about this game, I am still one of the few people out there that really enjoys the allstar weekend (and nice to see the league putting the game back on a weekend..what was Bettman smoking last year putting it up against American Idol??) I think its a fun day for the players to just go out there and do there thing, and I love watching the Skills Competition. This year should be extra fun with the new Celebrity Judging (I wonder who they will pick? Snoop Dog and Cuba Gooding Jr maybe???) going on for the Shootout, should make for some interesting Deak's and some crazy goals!!

Anyways here are the complete East and West Listings for anyone who hasnt seen them yet!
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