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Well i will get right to the point . All last season i heard from everyone and that blasted hockey news that we were gonna be a bomb out team in the 07-08 season . Well we did the exact opposite and had the best season for quite a long time . Now last seaosn i thought we would do better then we were projected but this season though optimistic I don't see us as the bonafide contender that we are supposedly said to be.

Just taking a gquick recap glance at our off-season moves
In- Denis , Laroque , Tanguay , Belle
Out - Streit , Danis , Locke , Smolinski , Brisebois

We adressed a long standign issue with our adding of laroque to have someone to back up our team mates and give the other top line something to think about when they come on the ice (also relieving S.kostitsyn of being our fighter). Added another scoring forward to give us another addition to our lines to be a threat in tanguay , and added a veteran to our goal tending tandem to help school price along . ( thought the halak signing sorta voids out him being back up , unless we trade halak ) .

On the other hand we lost a checking centre in smoke , a puck moving D man and pp speacilist in streit ,and brisebois who despite a few glaing errors at times was a solid d man and decent pp point man .

So back to the point of this blog , the habs going into the season are still lacking enough toughness to fend off other teams (as of this moment toronto is tougher 8-) ) . A D-corps though promising with the exception of komi and markov is young and inexperienced , lacking a puck moving D - man and is relying over heavily on Markov to attempt to be a lidstrom type player and do it all for us .

So what do you think ? sure the habs can make the playoffs but can we beat a detroit or dallas like team in the finals ? What in your opinion can be done to improve ? Will the signing of Sundin (if it happens) put us that much ahead of the game ? what about our Dshould we trade for a schneider like player , and if not him who can we grab at this point?

Thanx for reading and looking forward to comments...

p.s- first blog be kind lol
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