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Well there is no denying it . The Canadiens are slumping . Due in part to a cascade of errors , defencive break downs, incomplete plays , shoddy goaltending(at times) and probably most key of all . A broken powerplay. The Canadiens since starting the season 8-1-1 and being one of the hottest teams in the league have been supplanted by Boston for North east division champ and have attained a 3-4-3 record in that time span . With the icing on the cake being a loss to the New york Islanders Monday night . Of course many would say O'byrne blew the game , which he did with that rather odd self-goal . But the team overall blew the game as well with their lack of finesse and finishing off chances.

But I am not a man who focuses on the past . I am all for the future and looking forward. Unfortunately my view to the future has been obscured by a rather large and murky cloud. Which in essence is what the future of this team is at this point . Unknown and dark looking. But their is a silver lining , or to be more specific a red one.Tonight the slumping Canadiens square off in a original six match up against one of the hottest teams in the league and reigning Stanley Cup Champion the Detroit Red Wings.

Now some might call me insane for calling a match up against the Wings as something good. But let me finish first before the name calling begins. The Wings are one of, or most likely the best team in the league right now . As for the Canadiens the opposite could be said. Any team that squares off against the Wings needs to bring their A-game or a rifle if they are going to have a shot at winning . This is exactly what the Habs need. They need to be tested and play against the best in order for them to right side themselves. Only the Canadiens playing at their best can have a chance of matching the Wings .Hopefully tonight the Canadiens being forced right away to be on their toes against a very dangerous team will get their legs quickly and be provided with the spark they have let die out in the last few weeks. There can be no expecting to win tonight as the Habs have done with numerous other teams . It has to be all or nothing .If the Canadiens come out with the skill they are expected to . Then who knows , maybe they can pull this rabbit out of a hat.

Here is one fan who is hoping for it
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November 26, 2008 9:37 PM ET | Delete
Well, with about half the third period done and a 3-0 lead, I'd say the Habs have an excellent chance to take this one. With the Wings just coming off a road trip to western Canada, they look kind of slow tonight and Montreal is taking advantage of it. They're looking might impressive.
November 26, 2008 9:47 PM ET | Delete
Hmmm as soon as i read this , Franzen pulled off a crazy move and scored on Price . Game is definitly not done yet
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