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Ok so as before I spin the roulette and give my opinion and run down on the team.Ok and onto the spin.

and it is......
The LA Kings

Well LA fans have been suffering in the dark of the cellar for quite a while . But in my opinion they appear to be coming towards the end of a long tunnel and are able to see a bright light . But onto the run down.

Forwards(Projected Line Up)

LA is a prime example of a centipede with a broken leg . One part of the team is moving fairly fast while the other lags slightly behind. LA's top 6 forwards are all accomplished Nhl players who though young have the ability to play at the Nhl level competitively and will most likely provide what they are expected to. So representing the healthy legs . But the remaining depth of the team as it stands is not up to standards. The remaining six are a combination of un-seasoned youngsters and in-effective forwards . So representing the broken leg. As time wears on that broken leg should mend with the introduction of a vet and the seaosning of the players . But as it stands LA can ice only two really effective lines while the remainder struggles to keep up.


The LA defence as it stands is a severe weak point for the team. It, like its forwards counterpart can ice several promising players who have the potential to play incredible , but who still lack the seaosning and skills that come with being in the league for a few years. The loss of Blake will be felt heavily in minutes by the other players , not to mention their development process as well . But all is not loss if Doughty is allowed to play and lives up to potential, along with Gauthier who will hopefully be soaking up some mins and bringing along the youngsters the D will be a strong point rather then a weak one.Look for a bit of trimming in the GA column. Not an enormous amount but it will be the foundation for a start.

Jason Lababrbera
Johnathon Bernier

At first glance at the stats of each of these goalies , no one will come away exactly awed . But as with the rest of the La team neither has had exceptional exerience with Jason only playing 79 games and with Bernier only at 4 . Labarbera has often been criticized of being a shaky goaltender . I on the other hand believe him to be quite talented , just merely unconfident. Which he has every right to be after being shelled all season from prime time scoring conditions thanks to a lackluster D . Labarbera unfortunately is looking to be shelled again this season but can only improve as well with the improvement of his team. As for Bernier we all know that the kid has the makings of a great goalie and this might be the season for him to start showing it .After being sent back down to the minors after being manhandled in 3 games , he showed enough promise not to merit a spot on the kings roster this year having steadily imrpoved his game since his time spent in the minors.

Ok well that pretty much wraps it up in terms of rundowns , just need to give the ol' division conference rankings.


Ok I am not hating on the kings with these rankings , but with though they are steadily improving as it stands most other teams have iimproved far more then them and have had more pieces in place . The Kings may be a bit premature to be true kings of the hockey world but give them time and they will have their kingdom again.

Until Next time

P.S- As with all other blogs may I remind you that this is merely my take on hwo I see it , I am open to corrections and criticism just keep it tasteful.
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great post....I the coulgs could end up worse than 15th they could
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