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Ok as with the other blogs i spin and then give my opinion on tthe selected team .

Onto the spin....
and it's the Islanders

NYI is an interesting team to cover , as really much as i personally like the team I see them burning in the cellar this season . But onto the forwards.

Sim- Sillinger-Park

Ok so most likely the lines won't look like this , because they are supposedly going with the youth movement but this was my best shot at it . Obviously even with a youth movement the Islanders don't have much in the way off scoring threats available for them. The lone beacon of hope at the moment is Okposo who showed last year that he was able to dominate in the bridgeport affiliate and played rather well in the nhl at the end of the season. Well then again if Comrie can start off the season like he did b4 and maintain it ,Streit brings the NYI powerpla up to 25% singlehadedly and Weight and Guerin drink a vial of the fountain of youth, who knows maybe they can get enough goals to squeak into 8th. 8-)

Streit- Meyer

Ok well the Islander D corps is in far better shape then their langushing offence . Boasting a PP speacilist like Streit and few rather underappreciated D-men like Meyer , Witt and Sutton . They will help to keep Ricky sane in the nets . Obviously they will be playing in their own end alot but hey , think about all the experience they will gain in playing a defencive game. They do have the ability to create breakout chances with Streit being able to make a few decent passes and the other guys chippings in , but once more they need someone to pass to . All in all , all sarcasm aside the islanders D corps is one of their finer points on the team and should be somethig for Isles fan to take solace in .


The goaltending of the Isles at this point in time looks a bit uncertain . With RD in net and remaining healthy they will have good enough goaltending to keep the goals low enough to give them a shot to win a game . The only need to score enough to win the game . In terms of back up Danis is seemingly the most available back up ready . With Dipetro staying healthy he will probably see a max of 20 games , but if Dipetro's health languishes then the islanders will have a starting tandem of Joey Macdonald and Yan Danis... YIKES . But Danis is a fair goalie who will be able to lay a decent game and give the Isles a shot at winning . I suggest all Isles fans pray that Dipetro stays healthy.

Well that pretty much wraps it up in terms of my inexperienced overview , just need to make my season predictions.
GF-187 GA-232

Division Ranking-5th
Conference Ranking13th-15th

Well as for the 5th in division ranking I'm sure most will agree that the Isles are in a fairly tough division and will be hard put to challenge for even 4th as it looks like the rest of the Atlantic is playoff bounds. In terms of the near last positions in my opinion the Isles will be down there with the thrashers and panthers.

Alright well until next time folks

p.s- Plz remember that these are not in anyway facts , but merely opinion of myself.
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