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Well it has just been reported on nhl.com , that Scott Walker will now join Justin Williams upon the injury list of the Hurricanes.

Walker it was reported will be sidelined for six-weeks to repair a torn ligament in his left hand.Add to that Justin Williams' minimum three months he will be out with a torn achilles tendon , and Carolina might be beggining soon to see the start of a long season.

Why do I say this you ask? After the puck never even being dropped. Well I will tell you why.

Carolina is a good team , with balanced scoring , decent depth , a not to shabby D-corps and a incredible goalie in Cam Ward.

But if history repeats itself and follows this trend that has hampered the Hurricanes since their cup win . Then unfortunately all those attributes mean nothing. Carolina from 2005-2006 and their cup win , have not contended for a cup , let alone made the playoffs.

Cane fans since their cup win have had to sit through a never ending injury bug that has plagued nearly every player of the Carolina Hurricanes. In particular it's star players , who's abscence at crucial times have cost Carolina valuable points , and last year in particular their division lead.

Now I am not advocating hitting the panic button just yet.As in truth it is not even the start of the regular season . But if a trend like this develops,which I for one hope does not .But if it should , then I think Cane fans and management might need to think of perhaps other options available .

Well that is all from me.Here is hoping for a healthy season for the Canes.

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