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We hav all be able to enjoy two sagas this summer. The Mats Sundin Saga , and now that it is finally losing its edge . The Radulov saga.

As we all know , Radulov bolted the NHL to the KHL for a boat load of money and all the vodka he can drink. In the confusion that followed no one was really sure exactly who was to blame ; Raddy for running for money , David Pollie not giving Rad the money he thought he desereved , The KHL for it's back-stabbing move with the signing of a player while still under contract? The list could go on forever . But that is not the purpose to this blog. The purpose of this blog is to ask what you think of the now cropping up issue of Radulov wanting to return.

It has been said by several outlets of the media , that Alexander "Run Away" Radulov now wishes to return to the NHL. Pollie has admitted to being aware of this , and is doubly confused as he was never sure why Radulov bolted in the first place . As he knew to play in the NHL was what Radulov always wanted to do , hence him coming over when 18.

So now what do the NHL, the Preds , and the KHL do?

Does the NHL let Radulov return and play again for Nashville with whom he still has a contract obligation to fill . Does Nashville even want him back? , and most of all will the KHL let him leave peacfully. As the Russian teams have been well known to prevent players from leaving that little party of a league over there.

As for the first question it has been said that the NHL will not prohibit the return of Radulov to the Nashville Predators. As coming back I suppose to them would be a move in the right direction .

As for the Preds , Pollie has been quoted saying that he would love for Radulov to return to the Preds , once more stressing he was never sure why he left in the first place . But having said that , it has also been noted that Pollie has been shopping around for any takers for Rads if he should return . So if Radulov does return, Nashville either gets a young star back or gets what they can for him and lt is someone else's headache. As long as they get something out of it is the bottom line here.

Now we come to the sticky part. Radulov has a contract with Ufa , which means he is legally under contract with that team . But is it really a legitimate one as in the way it was signed and when it was signed . So that arguement can't really be used properly to retain Radulov. But what they do have is Radulov accepting bonus's from the KHL already , and probably having spent some it as well . So can Radulov leave with that in doubt.

Here is my take upon it all . I look at the contract with Ufa as void , as despite what ever the KHL may claim it was signed while in talks or after they finished with the trasnfer agreements with the NHL. That being said the most logical conclusion is for radulov to return to his Nashville team , and either play for them and attempt to make right , or be traded to another team and get something for his team in the end. If Ufa is insistent upon re-imbursement for the money they paid Radulov , then push comes to shove he pays back the bonus's he has accepted.It is most likely not going to end that way , but to me that would be a good solution.

Just my take on it , whats yours?
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The NHL and KHL have "agreed" to Arbitration to decide Radulov's fate: http://www.startribune.com/sports/wild/28550754.html?elr=KArksLckD8EQDUoaEyqyP4O:DW3ckUiD3aPc:_Yyc:aUUJHowever, none of the details (even including *where* the hearing would take place) have been decided.Ultimately, it's not possible for both contracts to be valid. If it were up to me, Radulov's Russian contract would be voided AND he'd be suspended--without pay--for the entire NHL season.
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Radulov arbitration case hits wall http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080918/SPORTS02/809180348
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Poile is NOT to blame. The NHL has rules about when you can start negotiating an extension on an entry-level contract. Radulov left before it was even a possibility. He's a headcase. He wants to go, he wants to leave, now he's saying that he never wants to come back and that when this contract is up he'll sign another one in Russia. Either this kid is a total idiot, or someone over there is definitely pulling his strings.
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You let him back in, forget all about criminal charges and throw a big party. If he comes back after signing in the KHL in a high profile way like he did, it discredits the KHL to no end. The NHL also looks to be kind and forgiving by 'forgetting' about it, which improves their image. There would be nothing to be gained by refusing to let him come back.
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i couldnt agree more. his khl contract isnt legal or binding. i believe he will play the entire khl season now and if he still wants to come back try that next season. logic seems he would get a seasons pay and 1/3 of any bonus. he would need to pay back 2/3 of the signing bonus( assuming there is one). and i hope the preds trade him the 1st day he is back here and he NEVER steps foot in our locker room again.
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