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The Last Piece

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hello all ,

I was just sitting here looking at the habs roster as it stands for 2008-2009 and found that though extremely impressive i find it wanting . But here's the thing we can go to either one way or the other with finding the few final pieces for the team .

So we obviously don't have the cap space to improve greatly in both forward and D position so it comes down to it , what do we improve , who do we aim for , and what to give up .

Well i will start with the forwards. Obviously as we are all aware Sundin is the biggest name out there and is "rumored " to want to come to the Habs . But though i was once sure I really don't see him coming to the Habs anymore . I will just give a run down on him anyway and other forwards .

Mats Sundin-Obviously he is getting up their is age but is still very formidabble player on the ice and proved it last season . He could add some good size and playmaking abilities up front , while also adding to our PP.

Teemu Selanne- I know it has been said that he won't go to any team but Anaheim . But obviously they are having cap issues as it is so I will include him in it . Selanne like Sundin despite his age is still terrific player , though we have a slew of talented wingers we are still lacking that star presence . Not only that but it would free up pressure upon the Kovalev line creating a legitimate and undisputable 1A and 1B line up that other teams will find it hard to defend against.

Brendan Shannahon - Yet another player who is reported to only want to play with the rangers , but rumor have been passed along that he wouldn't mind lacing it up with the habs( even though he pretty much spat in our faces a few years ago ) Shanny obviously brings to the table a scoring presence though not in the league of Selanne still a potent force that light it up about 20 times a year . Apart from the goal scoring abilities he brings , he is also a great leadership presence in the locker room and can help develop the young guys .

In terms of impact forwards that pretty much wraps it up , so onto Defence.

Matheiu Schneider(Anaheim)- Schneider is an accomplished Defence-man . But more then that he is a potent powerplay speacilist who can add to a already well established PP. Some would say Schmeider has no use but i would like to see an improvment to the D corps and am not entirely sold on the powerplay being as good as it was due to system and not its players.

Patrice Brisebois - Yeah yeah i know a ton of you are readying your tomatoes for this one , but hear me out . Though he did make some glaring mistakes in the first half of the season . Brisebois really showed his stuff in the second half of the season really and espeacilly taking his game up a notch in the playoffs . Also Brisebos possesses a decent shot and can play pp time quite efficieintly and can help provide leadership and help bring the young guys along.Plus he is cheap and won't complain about being sat some games, a man who understands his role.

Freddy Meyer - Virtually unknown to most people but is greatly overlooked in terms of defensive ability . Meyer was shuffled back and forth for the begiging of last season finally landing back in the islanders where he found his niche . Meyers is a stay home D-man , who plays a physical game and is incredible on the penalty kill. One part of the habs that need improvement is the ability to shut down oher ppl's pp . Meyer is the man to do that .

Well that is pretty much it , for what we should aquire but obviously for most players to be aquired we must have to give up something . I am no expert on how to format many trades , but I willgive a rough guess as to who can be trade bait.

Bait- Higgins , Halak , Lapierre , Dandenault and Begin are the only ones i can see being moved .

but anyway enjoy the blog .
August 21, 2008 7:39 PM ET | Delete
I disagree. Even without Sundin, we're set. We don't need to add a player for now. Maybe by the deadline to make a strong push for the cup (ala Hossa) but otherwise, why add anybody?­
Kovy, Plek, AK46 work well. Let it be as long as it keep up.
Koivu, Higgins, Tanguay has the potential to score extremely well and ti will be hard to contain both offensive lines.
Personnaly I would put Sergei and Latendresse with Chipchura giving you a decent offense and potent defense (Sergei is better defensively than he looks)
Leaving Lapierre, Begin, Kosto and Laraque for the 4th line, depending of the opponent. That leaves you only one extra spot for a rookie.
The interesting part here is that both W on the 3rd line could steal spots on the first two lines if someone slacks up. As for D, Komi-Markov, Hammer-Rhynoburn and Gorges-Bouillon works fine for me. Dandenault as 7th D is fine and your team is filled.
Sundin could be signed because it would give us 3 great lines and we'd be one of the deepest team in the league. But the only other player I could see signing would be Brisebois. IF and only IF Gainey doesn't like what he sees from his rookies, he could sign brisebois to another low salary like last year having Dandenault play the role of O/D extra like Streit used to do and Brisebois is a fine hockey player who worked better under pressure as the season went along. Yeah he'll do mistakes but he's a 7th D-man that could help releive pressure from the shoulder of Bouillon-Gorges and Obyrne. Otherwise, bring me another rookie.
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