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Well I noticed Ek the other day had the top five and five worst teams in the off-season out , and i decided to elaborate on it by creating in my eyes the top 30 . So from first to last here it is.

Remember this is not who has the better team , but rather who has improved signifigantly.

1)Edmonton-Added another further scoring threat in Cole , cont' development of youngsters will aid team. D-corps offencive potentcy strengthend with return of Souray and acquisition of Visnovsky.

2)Columbus-Huselis,Umberger,Filatov will help secondary scoring . Umberger will provide a much needed centre for Nash.

3)Chicago-Steadied out goaltending with Huet . Final piece for a excellent power play in Campbell.

4)Phoenix- Added additional scorers in Jokinien . Injected further toughness into team with mcgratton and Sauer , may well be toughest team in league. Continued development of younger players.

5)Toronto-Completely revamped , making strides towards eventually being a contender again.

6)Florida-Solidified D-corps , will have steady D and a nice offencive punch with McCabe and Bouwmeester, Offence not as languishing as appears. Continued development of young players.

7)Detroit-Addition of Hossa adds one more offencive weapon , development of young players .

8)San Jose-Steadied D line and gives secondary threats besides Thornton line. Improved PowerPlay

9)Philedalphia-Emergence of several young players , supported by gritty 3rd and 4th liners.

10)Boston-Addition of Ryder and return of Bergeron and Fernandez.Expected emergence of young players.

11)Tampa Bay-Will be better then last year , to say the least.

12)NYR-Added defencive assets in Kalinin and Redden . Replaced loss of Jagr wth Zherdev , Naslund and Fritsche.Continued emergence of young players.

13)Dallas-Added a much needed agitator in Avery , Added a top prospec in Brunnstrum.

14)Washington-Return of Nylander and Clark add further offencive threats . With Theodore brought in to stablise goaltending.

15)New Jersey-Addressed of the offencive woes with additions of Rolston and Holik. Continued emergence of young players such as Langenbrunner and Parise.

16)Montreal-Injected some much needed toughness in fighter Laroque , added a more skilled forward in Tanguay.Young players will play increased rolls.

17)Vancouver-Balanced out sscoring with additions of Krog , Demietra , Bernier and Wellwood. A healthy D corps will contribute as well.

18)NYI-Streit and Weight will add to a much languishing GF column and PP% success.

19)Carolina-Addressed a defencive need with the aquisition of Pitkanen.

20)Calgary-Added Bertuzzi and Glencross for some grit and secondary scoring.

21)Buffalo-Addition of Rivet will strengthen D-corps .

22)Atlanta-The signings of Hainsey, Reasoner and Williams will attempt to strengthen a incredibly weak and under-achieving team.

23)Ottawa-Attempted to strengthen D-corps and secondary scoring with signings and aquisitions of Shannon , Smith , Kuba and Picard. Capable back up brought in with signing of Auld.

24)Avalanche-Return of Sakic will contribute much , as will a healthy team . Tucker and Raycfroft brought in with attempts to balance scoring and provide stability in net.

25)Los Angeles-Stoll and Greene added as pieces of the soon to be complete rebuilding of team. Continued emergence of youngsters will also improve team.

26)Minnesota-Scoring threats brought into replace those that were lost. D-Corps steadied out . Youngsetrs will continue to improve.

27)Pittsburgh-Additions of Satan and Fedetenko will help add to the depleted secondary scoring . Continued emergence of young players will add to team.

28)Anaheim-Morrision brought in to aid scoring . Continued development of youngsters a must.

29)St.Louis-Addition of Mason will help ease goaltending situation. Continued emergence of young players greatly needed.

30)Nashville-Little done to improve . Loss of Radulov will hurt GF . A healthy team will be of great impact to Nashville.
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September 11, 2008 9:37 PM ET | Delete
i love when we get dumped on
September 11, 2008 9:46 PM ET | Delete
Im not dumping on , I'm saying you guys did little to improve in the off-season , and that you are more or less the same team. not saying you will be bad , merely saying you did not improve signifigantly . If I missed something I am always open to corrections. Did I miss any signings?
September 11, 2008 9:47 PM ET | Delete
Langenbrunner isn't a young player at all...he entered the league in 1994. Other than that interesting blog.
September 11, 2008 10:35 PM ET | Delete
Are you on crack?? toronto at #5 and van at 17?? wow did you just get back from under a rock?
September 11, 2008 10:38 PM ET | Delete
For Toronto look at what they were last year . bunch of washed up players with no desire to win , with a old corps . This year they are a young squad with a bright future , with a corps that wants to win . I look at that as one of the most signifigant improvements. If you look to the top of the blog , this is not for the best team but the ones that have improved the most from their prior form in 07-08.
September 11, 2008 10:40 PM ET | Delete
As for vancouver they have improved but in different ways , so that is why I posted them 17th overall for amount of improvement . To further my point you will notice I put Pittsburgh in 27th , but in no way do I expect them to come in the bottom of the league . It is merely how much improvement they have done .
September 11, 2008 11:09 PM ET | Delete
This is crazy. FLA trades away their franchise centre and the key to what little offense they could produce; in return, they bring in 2 mediocre D, plus McCabe (who nobody wanted), and for that they make it to 6th on your list of 'most improved teams'? TO signs and brings in a bunch of career 3rd liners and 5-6 D -- Hagman, Mayers, Finger, and Van Ryn -- and you think they've an improved their team? This when everybody out there is saying "it looks like TO is gunning for that 1st pick overall in 2009"?Seriously.
September 11, 2008 11:35 PM ET | Delete
Where in my blog do i ever say that I think TO is aiming for a P/O spot . This once again I stress is no reflection of where I think the team is going to land in the standings. merely that they have improved. I'm not saying they are a good team. I am saying compared to what they iced last year this is a far greater improvement for them on their way to the cup . 07-08 leafs had no chance in hell then or in any further years . The 08-09 ones have that potential to grow and be something more. Not now , for sure but in future , and it is becuase of the Leafs once more having a future with youth and good prospects ie:Schenn that they have improved .
September 12, 2008 12:22 AM ET | Delete
Realistically, I expected us to be a Top 2 finish in this list - when you look at who the Oil dropped in favour of who they're bringing in, and combine that with *knock on wood* actually having a healthy team on the ice for more than a handful of games, I can't wait for this season. If we've got one Achilles Heel it's going to be in net. Garon had a solid season last year and we another one out of him. Roli's the biggest question mark on the team IMO.Chicago will be pushing hard for a playoff spot right along with us, VAN and PHO won't be far behind, but there's no way Nashville's making the grade this year at least...... 4 teams pushing for that one open spot is going to mean another HARD season for ANY western team (other than the friggin Wings who just make any team in the league sick).
September 12, 2008 11:17 AM ET | Delete
Dude, c'mon! Try again! In addition to everyone else's critique, if the season started today, the Kings would have to forfeit the SEASON because they are under the cap minimum. Now I'm sure they will be signing players and all but as of right now, how could they not be at the bottom of the list?
September 12, 2008 11:50 AM ET | Delete
Interesting that you suggest that Toronto has gotten rid of it's old corps of players and now they have young guns that want to win. The same young players that last year weren't any good? They lose Sundin, certainly still a top player in the league, and their best offensive defenseman and they are improved?? They may be a little younger, but in no way would i say they improved, i bet they finish lower in the standings this year? Just because the team is rebuilding certainly doesn't suggest that they improved. Put them in or around #20 spot
September 12, 2008 12:43 PM ET | Delete
toronto #5 ???!!!!!! This team got worse! They will finish dead last in the East unless Atlanta has something to say about it.Fail.
September 12, 2008 12:50 PM ET | Delete
Even though I'm a leaf fan, I respectfully disrespect your opinion of Toronto at number five. They changed a lot sure, but this team is less talented and considerably worse than last year, you can't call that an improvement. Sure, its healthy steps to rebuilding, but as far as being competitive in the present, the leafs have fallen off the map to the join the likes of NYI or Atlanta....
September 12, 2008 2:44 PM ET | Delete
Good attempt and an interesting read. I'm not sure what to think about Toronto. They have certainly made some changes and believe they have improved the future for the franchise. I guess I'm just not so sure the on ice product will be superior to what was iced last year. In any event, gutsy blog and I enjoyed it.
September 12, 2008 3:01 PM ET | Delete
no one seems to like when anyone says anything postivie about the Leafs.
September 12, 2008 7:16 PM ET | Delete
That's because if the Leafs ever win the Cup again, all of North America won't hear the end of it for another 20 years. :P Haha
September 13, 2008 4:13 PM ET | Delete
Hey SilentNoise, You won't hear the end of it for 20 years as it will take another 40 for us to win another one. :) Great list. I personally would have put TB higher, top 5 if not top 2. But that is my opinion. Of course, I'm sure if you asked a lot of GMs in the NHL, you would have at least 10 teams putting themselves on the top of the list. The proof will come at the end of the season when we can look back at the list and compare the teams performance vs previous seasons.
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