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Ok well you all know the drill , i spin my little roulette and it comes out on a team . I then precede to give me un-expert like run down on the team and what i think of it . Well and here we go onto the spin.

And we have the Vancouver Canucks.

Vancouver Canucks

Ok when we all hear the name Vancouver we generally don't think the following words. Goals , offence , hat-trick .. ect ect ect . It was a well known fact last season that the reason this team languished so much was that it could not score . period. But with gillis brought in as GM things might of changed , well onto the run down.

D.Sedin - Demietra - H.Sedin
Pyatt - Kesler - Bernier
Burrows - Krog/Jonhson - Pettinger

Ok well even at firstt glance one must begin to think thAt Vancouver might be able to put it in the net a bit more this year. Gillis has taken heat over not being able to land a bonafide suprstar for his team to add to it that offencive punch. But just looking at the projected line-ups and one must think was Sundin actually his plan B while the others signed were his plan A. With the additions of Demitra , Bernier , Wellwood and even Krog . Gillis has balanced the scoring out on the team to allow it score from just the Sedin line . true that will be his moneymaker as all first lines are , but teams will have to watch the second line as well and the third which will only get steadily better as the season progresses. Espeacilly if Wellwood comes to camp in shape and if Raymond and Shannon continue to devvelop at the rate they did last year . Overall expect Vancouver to drop the whole only being able to score as much as a straight guy at a gay party motif and to light it up more often.

Defence- Projected line up
Bieska- Ohlund

The Canuck D-corps may not boast any star-calibre names . But it is still one of the best D-corps out there . All on the squad are sharp passers and can create a rush out of the zone while sound defencively . Also Canucks fans watch with pride as Edler hones his game further and has the chance maybe i na few years to develop his game to a solid 1st line pairing . The only snag within the corps is injury-pronesness , which was responsible for the sharp decline of the canucks last year. If all remain health then look for a possible return of the Canucks to the playoffss.


Ok goaltending , we are all aware that vancouver's greatest strength lies between the pipes , and that just may of been the problem last year . vancouver relied to much on Loungo to bail them out of tough spots. he is a spectacular goalie but saw his numbers in the W-L colmn take a bit of a dive when the d wa ssusffering and he was being blasted with shot every second of the game . He is a pillar of the team , but he is not all the pillars holding it up . loungo also had personal matters on top of it all last year to contend with so that did not help . but if the D remains healthy and Loungo can now focus solely on hockey look for him to return to the 40 games won again . As for vancouvers backup in Sanford . They have nothing to worry about . Sanford is a goalie who knows his role and what to do . He looked quite good coming on in relief for Longou last year and will continue to excel im sure this year .

Well that is about it for run downs all thats left is my predictions for the team.


Well as for the division vancouver has improved enough to lift it out of the cellar , but I don't think it can take thhe lead with the improvement of some of the other teams . As for the conference , the Canucks will find it very difficult to make the playoffs as with the amount of the teams such as the Hawks , Coyotes , Oilers that have improved substantially. but they have a shot and the fans I'm sure are looking for a return to the post-season.

Well thank you all for reading and I look forward to reading any comments.

P.s- plz let me remind you that I am no expert and that obviously I can't get everything right about a team I am not 100% knowledgable on, this is just for fun . But would love to hear something corrected so I know for next time . Just keep it tasteful .
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Hey man,Nice blog! I would have to disagree w/ you on the line ups.Bernier, Sedin, SedinDemitra, Raymond, PyattWill round up the first 2 lines. That bieng said, the Canucks are still looking for another top line forward so that Pyatt will either be traded or play on the third line with Burrows and Kesler. Good job!!
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Thanx bro , liek to hear from the fans of the team , so I know better for next time.
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