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Hey pens fans,
Crosby has been named the sportsman of the year, by the Sporting News.

Rumors - Poti is rumored to have a "good possibility" of being a Penguin next year. Gary Roberts is more than likely going to wind up with Toronto and not return with the Pens, but that still holds a small possibility. I don't care what everyone says Recchi is NOT leaving Pittsburgh and that is from a good source. That's all for now.
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May 24, 2007 1:17 AM ET | Delete
Where did you get your information from? Ray Shero was on FSN tonight talking about the fact they are in contract negotiations with Gary Roberts and he hopes to get a deal done. The Poti thing I figured was a possibility because he turned down a Pens offer last offseason (apparently). I don't know why anyone would think Recchi would leave the Pens, some people are just plain stupid!
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