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Team Report Card Part 1

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Hey pens fans,
As, promised here is the team report card. I'll start with a player by player break-down.

Sidney Crosby
Regular Season 120 points (36+84) Playoffs 5 points (3+2)
Sid played in 79 regular season games. He was +10. This season was truly a breakout season for number 87. He played marvelously and we couldn't have asked for more. Sid had goals that amazed and he out skated so many defenseman. He played a solid season and won the scoring title. I don't think we could ask for more. In the playoffs, he scored 3 goals and had 2 assists in 6 games. I think that is pretty good. Sid will lead this team to a cup in the future.
Grade: A+

Evgeni Malkin
He had 85 points this season and 4 playoff points. For a rookie, these are great numbers. He is a good player. He was rather streaky and inconsistant. In the playoffs, that really came out. I think the changes with coming to the NHL affected him some. He is good, but I am not yet surer if he is, as good as, the hype. Next year will tell...
Grade: B+

Mark Recchi
He put up 68 points this season and 4 in the playoffs. Recchi played a good solid season. He produced no matter which line you put him on. He played well with Crosby, Malkin and Staal, whenever he was with them. Recchi is still a great player. I just hope we can bring the cup back before he's gone.
Grade: A

Sergei Gonchar
He had 67 points and 4 playoff points. Gonchar was a bit streaky and made some stupid mistakes that led to crucial turnovers. He was horrible in some games and he dazzled in others. Unfortunetly, that is the way he has always played. When he's hot, he is arguably one of the best defenseman in the NHL, but when he is cold he is horrid. He is a good player, but the streakiness and inconsistency brings down his stock.
Grade: B-

Ryan Whitney
He put up 59 points this year and 2 in the playoffs. He did have a few small slumps, but he was fairly consistant. He played solidly and you can't ask for more than that. I think this is one of fhis better if not his best NHL season, thus far.
Grade: A

Michel Ouellet
He had 48 regular season points and 2 in the playoffs. He played fairly well. He obviously was involved in offense based on the numbers. As far as play goes, I don't recall him doing anything particularly stupid or spectacular. He was there, but his offensive numbers are good. I think he can give a little more in the future.
Grade: B-

Jordan Staal
He had 42 regular season points and 3 in the playoffs. Staal was just solid all year. Can anyone believe we almost sent him back for another year? That would have been stupid. He played consistently and was fairly solid in front of the net, just getting in the way. After Robert's arrival, you could see Stall picking up that part of his game. He has also been consistantly good on the penelty kill. This was a very good rookie season for him and I can't wait to see the player he will develop into.
Grade: A+

Gary Roberts
He had 42 points this season and 4 in the playoffs. After coming over at the trade deadline, Roberts made an impact. He played solidly and helped some of our younger players pick up their games. He was a pest to the opponents and played very well. I only hope he is still in Pittsburgh next season.
Grade: A

The next installment of the team report card will be coming soon...

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