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Pens Lose to Devils

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Hey pens fans,
The Pens lost 2-1. Malkin had the only Pens' goal and he was unassisted. This was a tough night for the Pens. Unfortunetly for the Pens, Brodeur played a great game. There were a lot of shots that could have beaten a lesser goalie. The officiating tonight was something that was questionable, at times. I am not one for official bashing, but there were a few calls that really needed a better night. There were also somme questionable non-calls. One thing that did anger me was the fact that there was no whistle when Eaton when down behind the night, when we were on the PK. That should have been a whistle and I see no reason why it wasn't. He was obviously hurt. The Pens need to put this game behind them and hope that if they keep working hard a win will come.

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