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Game 3: Sens 4 Pens 2

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Hey pens fans,
Well, the game started off good with Pens scoring under a minute into the game. Roberts scored and was assisted by Crosby and Armstrong. The Senators came back and scored 4 goals. Late in the third Crosby scored and was assisted by Malkin and Recchi to make it 4-2. Fleury was in goal stopping 21 of 25 shots. Tonight, the Pens were just not with it. They played haplessly for most of the game. It looked like they couldn't ge things going after those first few minutes. The team, as a whole, was just not with it. Malkin played one of his worst games. He was horrible in every aspect. It was bad. The rest of the team wasn't stellar, by any means, but he was horrible. Fleury was shakey in goal at points, but also made a few big saves. Our defense looked like lost wonderers. No one was having much luck at breaking into the zone. Hopefully, the Pens will get it together and comeback and play hard in game 4. They need to do something or this series will be the end of their run.
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