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Hey pens fans,

The last two games are a bit of a black cloud over the team going into tomorrow's game in Buffalo. Their play previvous to that had been very good, especially when considering all the injuries we have sustained. With the trade deadline approaching, the question is what Ray Shero will do, if anything, to fill these roles?

When it comes to Fleury's injury, it looked like it wowld be the death of our promising season. Sabourin was faltering and we were basically done for. Then, we put Ty Conklin in the net and his play was great. The team pulled together and we kept going on. I do not see the Pens makinig any sort of a move involving goaltending, but the question on everyone's mind is concerning Fleury's return. What will they do? Fleury is the number one goaltender for this club that is not in question. Conklin has proved himself and, in my mind, deserves to stay here. That leaves us Sabourin, who was Fleury's backup. Do we send him to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton or do we carry three goalies? Those options seem to be what would likely occur. We could trade him for someone we could use in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, but that seems unlikely. It will be intersting to see how this plays out with Fleury's return coming quite soon.

Mark Eaton has missed more games than he has played, since becoming a Penguin. His torn ACL will likely keep him out the remainder of the season. He is good player, when he is healthy. I do not expect the Penguins to make a move to fill his role, since they are so used to having to fill it. I also don't see us trading him, because no one will take an injured player. It will not help a team win now to take him.

Adam Hall's rececnt groin injury will keep him out for a bit. The team seems to be able to step up and fill the role. I can see the Pens trading for a winger, but likely not one, who is like Hall. We have other roles to fill that are more pressing.

Gary Roberts is a player, who is greatly missed. His broken leg is a horrible blow. There is no one else like Gary. He is a good player that gave the team much needed grit. It will be great, when he returns, but I don't see us adding another player like him.

Kris Beech's broken wrist again gave us the need for another forward. We just acquired him and he went down. He wasn't here long enough to have a role to fill.

Sidney Crosby's high annkle sprain was one of the toughest blows the Penguins have had to face this season. His return is still a few weeks away and is highly anticipated. Malkin has really stepped up his game in number 87's absence. There is no one else like Sidney.

Injuries aside, the Penguins really need to work on their penelty kill and their power play. We need someone, who can move the puck on the PK. We need a forward, who can bring defensive mind to the PK and still play offense. On the power play we have two great play makers in Crosby, when he returns, and Malkin, but hwat we really need is a sniper for them to feed,a power specialist, if you will. I looke for the Pens to try to fill one of these roles comeing up on the dealine. If I were Shero, these would be my focus. Nagy is someone I could see fitting into the team.

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Nagy is currently on the IR. He has been injury-prone the past few years. I personally wouldn't want him, but if you don't have to give up a lot it would be something worth looking into. Nice in-depth blog
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