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Pens Fall to Canadiens 3-2

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Hey pens fans,
Tonight, the Pens took on the Canadiens at the Mellon Arena. They lost to Montreal 3-2. During the game, there were times where the Pens looked magnificant and there were times when they could not complete a pass if their lives depended on it. It was an up and down night. Unfortunetly, the Pens did not pull this one out on top.

The Pens' goals were: 2nd period, Whitney from Recchi and Crosby (PP); 3rd period, Talbot from Malkin and Recchi.

Fleury was in goal and he played a fairly solid game. He stopped 32 of 35 shots.

The Pens had 28 shots on the night and took the Canadiens in faceoffs 31 to 27. That is something that they have definetly improved on, as of late.

That is it for now...
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October 11, 2007 10:15 AM ET | Delete
IMO, the Pens did not deserve the first goal (the PP) as Crosby clearly interfered with the goalie. And don't give me the same line that Devorski called (that he was pushed). It was barely a love tap, and if a big guy like Sid can't take that, he's got a lot of penalties to look forward to.
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