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Rumors - It's that time

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Hey pens fans,

Mark Recchi will most likely return to the Pens this coming season. I cannot see him leaving, though he has drawn outside interest.

Gary Roberts has drawn heavy interest from Toronto and he will either be a Leaf or with the Pens and I am not sure how this will go.

Tom Poti is drawing lots of interest from all around and the Pens threw their name in the hat, but I do not think this will happen.

Robert Lang rejoining the Pens is a good possibility and it would not suprise me if he cocme back, though I am not sure why we need him with our curret roster.

Peter Sykora has also be mentioned as a possibility for the Pens, but I don't buy it. I have also heard it too many places to ignore it.

Craig Rivet is also bein looked at by the Pens, but I have no idea on the chances.

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