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Rumor Time

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Hey pens fans,

There are plenty of rumors flying around out there, with the deadline approaching. Here is the run down of the Penguin ones.

Hossa: Atlanta is lookinig to move him before they lose him to free agency. They want to make the playoffs and they have some slots to fill in the roster. I think Hossa will move. I would say the Penguins are one of the more likely teams, but nothing deinite.

Jokinen: Florida wants to trade him. The Penguins are rumored to be involved, but I doubt he will come here based on what I know now.

Boyle: Tampa may very well trade hime, but San Jose, Buffalo and Philly seem to be the likely destinations. Though, he has been linked to the Pens in too many sources to ignore.

Blake: He would be a good fit with the Pens. Sources say he will only go to a team that is a playoff contender with a good shot at a cup. I think that he may likely go elsewhere, but Pittsburgh makes a lot of sense and it is rumored to be a "good" possibility.

Recchi: Seriously? We let him go on waivers. We will not trade for him, though his name keeps coming up. If we wanted him, we would have never let him go in the first place. This is not goinig to happen. He seems to fit in Atlanta and his play has improved since the move.

Malone, Ruutu and Laraque are rumored to be the players the Pens are currently shopping.

Ryan Malone has to be the most frequently rumored Penguin. Every deadline and off season for at least 3 years his namae is involved in multiple trade rumors. I do not think we will move him, unless we are making a deal for something really big.

Ruttu is a very logical name to trade. it seems to be a possibility that he could be involved in possible deals. He is a player that teams would want that we would be willing to give up.

Laraque will most tlikely not be moved. He fits into our team and was a great acquisition. He brings much needed grit to the team.

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June 10, 2022 8:16 AM ET | Delete
I think that trading Malone would be a good move for them because he's making $4 million per year and hasn't been playing well as of late. Ruutu and Laraque are also rumored to be on the block, but I don't see those two having much value around the league at all. I am using https://masterbundles.com/templates/presentations/powerpoint/real-estate/ source to make my presentation lovely. They're both older players who aren't very good anymore (especially Laraque).
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