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Team Report Card Part 2

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Hey pens fans,
Sorry this took so long to post, but life has been hellish, as of late.

Colby Armstrong
He had 34 points this season, which included 12 goals. Colby had a strong season. He played well and is really coming into his own, as a player. I think he will only improve, as time progresses.
Grade: B+

Erik Christensen
This season he had 33 points. He played well and became quite the master at the shootout during the season. I think he has a lot of promise. He has room for improvement, though.
Grade: B

Ryan Malone
Ryan played well this season with 16 goals and 15 assists for 31 points. His play improved and he became more solid. His downfall was his streaky patch around the trade deadline. He plays well each night and is basically solid. He isn't one of the those players, who will dazzle us nightly, but he is solid.
Grade: B+

Max Talbot
He is player that the Pens need. He is in your face each night and plays strongly. He had 24 points this season. He played well, but could also make less small errors.
Grade: B

Georges Laraque
He definelty made an impact when he came to the Pens. The team needed sosmeone to stand up to the other teams, when they took cheap shots at Sid, Geno, and Staal. Georges did just that. He did one thing better, though. He is not just the heavy; he can play too. I think he was just what the team needed going into the deadline. Sometimes, he did let the fighting get the best of him and took a few more penelties than we may have liked, at times.
Grade: B

Jarkko Ruutu
Ruuuuuuutuuuuuu! Yeah, I am sure that was an interesting sound to the opponents. He didn't set the world on fire, but when he was on, he was good. Ruttu needs some improvement, but he is a solid guy who just grinds through the game, night in and night out. I think he can play better more consistently. He needs to make more of an impact.
Grade: B-
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May 14, 2007 4:52 AM ET | Delete
Christensen and Malone were terribly inconsistent.
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