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Rumor Time

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Hey pens fans,
That's right it is back to rumors. So, here's what I have heard. Tom Poti is again being mentioned as a good possibility of coming to Pittsburgh, but we've all heard that one before. Gary Roberts seems to be split between the Pens and the Leafs. I am unsure how this will turn out. Craig Rivet is a longhot, in my opinion, but he is rumored to be a possible Pen next season, but I don't think so. As for the rueaccuring Recchi Rumor, I don't care how many people say he is leaving or going back to Carolina. He is not. Shero isn't going to lose him and Recchi would not leave Pittsburgh with this group of guys. He's been around long enough to know, when a shot at the cup is not far off. That's it for now.

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