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Hey pens fans,
The Pens have now won 4 in a row. It was a great game to watch, if those of you in the Burgh managed to stay up that late. The final score was 2-1 Pens. It was a good game and it is wonderful for this team to win these games out west. Peter Sykora had the pens regulation goal in the first period. Sabourin was in net tonight, because of the Fleury injury and he played a great game. Sabourin stopped 35 of 36 shots in the three periods and OT. He stopped 5 of 6 in the shootout, including one on a killer poke check. Crosby had a penalty shot in the OT, but was stopped by Luongo. Christensen scored on Luongo in the shoot out and Letang scored to win it, yet again. This trip has put the Pens back in the playoff picture. It was a great game tonight and a true goaltenders battle.

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December 9, 2007 2:17 AM ET | Delete
A buddy of mine who is a Pens fan told me it was a wild one. To take one against the Canucks' hot goaltender of the month in Luongo is huge. The Pens are in one of the most competitive divisions in the league, and that's unfortunate. The slow start this season may backfire at some point for the Penguins with NJ on a hot streak and Philly and the NYR coming on strong. Fortunately for yins, the Penguins have begun their comeback as most of the Atlantic division teams sit a few points apart. Is this the time for the Pens to strike back? Tonight's win is a sign of that.I'll say this though, I am a Sabres fan, I won four tickets to the Ice Bowl/Winter Classic the other day, yet I refuse to give my buddy, a penguins fan, the one extra disputed seat I have open. I like Penguins fans who respect me as an OBJECTIVE Sabres fan. I'm one of the few, of course, but I can't let this guy sit with me because he is worse that a stereotypical Sabres fan when it comes to Pens hockey, n'at. College leads to many weird encounters where some friends are your enemies at the same time. Haha. Good luck to the Pens, and my pre-season predictions edge them close with the NYR, so we'll see who gets 3rd or 4th place in the end, because that's where I think two teams in the Atlantic will finish.
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