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We won! Yes Pens Fans, we won the game. It was a very physical game and the Penguins outplayed the Flyers hands down. Fleury was on tonight and played a wonderful game. Malkin had two goals and played a very physical game. At the end, when he was looking at his hand, it was his broken chain and cross not an injury. Crosby's goal was a great redirect off the heel of his stick. The Pens were flying. The Flyers seemed to run out of gas in the third and fell short of anything close to a comeback. I also want to coment that the officiating seemed to be lacking tonight. There were many calls missed throughout the game on both sides. I am specifically referencing a few high sticks and nummerous others. Game 2 is Sunday. Let's Go Pens!

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May 10, 2008 9:27 AM ET | Delete
You dont have to comment on the officiating, its been against us the whole playoffs and we prevailed. Anyway, congrats on the win. You guys outplayed and outscored us hands down. We looked like crap, but some lineup changes should be in store for Modry and maybe Smith. We'll be back next game.
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The Pens did outscore the Flyers but I wouldn't chalk this one up as being a stellar display of Penguin Prowess, and wouldn't go so far as to say they outplayed the Flyers. This was more evenly matched than some would like to think. Fleury was very strong for the Pens. The pokecheck on Umberger's break was stellar and his aggressive move on Carter caused him to not even get a shot on net. The Pens D did a fine job of keeping the windshield clean so that Fleury could see everything. Where the Flyers took charge was in those rare moments like we saw when they got their two goals: chaos in front of the net. They didn't do it enough. Someone has to get their butt in Fleury's face and drive him batty. Where things really worked to Pittsburgh's advantage is capitalizing on the mistakes made by the Flyers...missed passes or fumbled plays that led to rushes the other way. Easily seen in the goal by Sykora and both goals by Malkin. In fact, the Crosby goal was also due to Biron trying to play the puck and he got himself out of position. Philly tried to do too much and be too pretty in some instances. In many ways, the Flyers shot themselves in the foot. Even so, they were never out of the game. Credit does have to go to the Pens. They played a solid game. Not a dominating or spectacular game.
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