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I want...........

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I want Jagr to grow back his mullet.

I want Garth Snow to show up at GM meetings with that 2x4 from his playing days under his suit jacket.

I want VS. to disappear and ESPN to come back.

I want Zherdev to grow up and become a star.

I want to pay less then $12 for large beer at the ACC.

I want a team in Southern Ontario.

I want to see my Flyers out of the basement.

I want a healthy Peter Forsberg.

I want Brian Burke to turn one more shade of red when he's mad.

I want the Nashville saga to end.

I want Rick Nash to have a #1 centre

I want Roenick to retire, I hate seeing him become what he has.

I want Leaf fans to stop making up insane trade offers.

I want to party with the Staals.

I want to know how Comrie is dating Hilary Duff.

I want the NHL season to start.

I want and need to go.
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