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According to Forbes the Leafs are worth $413 million. The Flyers at 6th overall are worth $244 million and at the bottom of the barrel are the Nashville Preds at $143.

I wonder if the Sedin twins ever switch jerseys during a game and pretend they are each other on the ice, that would be awesome.

Basillie offered over $200 million for the Preds and the NHL forced the callopse of the sale. Seriously what a joke that is.

The Big E Eric Lindros called it a career the other day, love him or hate him he sure was a beast. The problem is his mother was a bigger beast.

I think every NHL rookie should be forced to grow a mullet for there first season.

Somethings never change. Gaborik and Havlat are injured, Sergei Samsonov is a healthy scratch, the Leafs are a mess, The Red Wings are great,The Canucks can’t score, The Sens are great, I love beer, The Devils are having trouble drawing crowds, The Preds can’t draw a crowd and Bob Cole is still two plays behind.

Somethings have changed. The Blues,Hawks and Blue Jackets are good, The Yotes may be good, The Sabres are crap and the Canes are good again, The Habs are good, my waistline, The Flyers are the Broad Street Bullies again, The Ducks are treading water and Marty Broduer is average.

Is it shocking that a guy named Dog the Bounty Hunter who has a huge mullet and carries guns is a racist? I think not.

This weekend Mark Messier, Ron Francis,Scott Stevens and Al Macinnis all got inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, all well deserved.

Why is Glenn Anderson not in the HHOF? Something smells a bit fruity here?

The NHL has raised over $9 million for breast cancer through pink sticks, ties etc. I think that is pretty cool, good stuff.

Marion Jones was on the juice and Martina Hingis was on the blow, holy crap everybody needs a little something extra I guess don’t they, pretty sad.

Speaking of sad, I think Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn may have jumped the Shark.

I missed the memo that the Flyers re-signed Kyle Calder. Whats that? Oh I’m sorry that’s Scott Hartnell, I must have them mixed up, what a fiasco of a signing so far.

I think the salary cap has really stopped trades in the NHL, seriously has there been any trades lately?

Why doesn’t Jim Basillie just buy the Leafs for $500 million, he’ll make that money back in spades and probably bring a winner to Toronto, as much as it pains me to say this some of the fans deserve that.

Sabres fans said they had more then enough talent and a great system and they wouldn’t miss Briere or Drury. Oops.

Does anybody know what an Ugg is? It is a $250 dollar pair of winter boots, I just bought my wife a pair for her birthday, $250 for boots, no wonder they are called Uggs!

In case anybody is wondering I am out of my hiphop gansta stage, thank God because cornrows just didn’t suit me, BOO YA.

I predict the next Flyer suspended will be Ben Eager, write that down.

I have re-decided(huh)that I actually do hate the Patriots.

Have a great weekend everybody.
November 11, 2007 1:39 PM ET | Delete
B16 - I've only briefly seen the despicable "Dog" character and his grotesque wife a couple of times on TV, but your comment above makes about as much sense as this one: "Is it shocking that a guy named Dog the Bounty Hunter who takes a huge poop every day and drives a car is a racist? I think not." What in the world were you trying to say B16? Why not just state the obvious? IE: He's an ignorant racist. Leave out the specious generalizations.
November 11, 2007 1:56 PM ET | Delete
I've actually never seen the show, I just heard that he was a racist and why people are shocked is beyond me. The Preds are winning again, what a crazy team, I never know what to expect from them.
November 11, 2007 2:01 PM ET | Delete
Balsillie? Again, the guy did not even bother to formally apply to the NHL for a franchise, did not enter into a binding agreement with Leipold, did not put any cash with his "offer" (unlike the $10m from current group), told Craig that he had no intention of moving the team (Leipold is fairly loyal to the fans here), immediately went to Hamilton and used a copy protected logo and name to sell tickets to a team he didn't own, used the good people of southern Ontario for his own (still unknown) purposes, further snubbed the BOG by stating to them that he wanted to move the team that he did not yet own and for which he had still not yet applied for ownership. You should be royally pissed at Balsille for completely blowing a golden opportunity that was handed to him on a silver platter. Only a complete idiot could have botched that attempt as badly as he did. BTW - I still hope that you get a team (expansion) and will always support that effort.
November 11, 2007 2:04 PM ET | Delete
From what I've heard, "Dog" or whatever he's called, is a complete jerk. Yeah, and as far the Preds go, a needed turnaround - a 6-1-1 run will do wonders for a struggling team.
November 11, 2007 2:44 PM ET | Delete
My comment about Basillie and the sale was a comment of what a joke the entire process was, the NHL, Basillie and everybody involved looked foolish IMO. Basillie is a maniac.
November 11, 2007 2:51 PM ET | Delete
Very true. (And the joke is, unfortunately for all concerned, still ongoing, although it appears that we are close to an end of this drawn-out fiasco.)
November 11, 2007 11:52 PM ET | Delete
hey buts, i was a big blackhawk fan when i was a youngster-- back when they had JR and Chelios . .. I'm sure i could find it somewhere online...but i'm curious about how they've been setting up their lines and D-pairings. if you have any clue....or know how to find it, let me know. thanks
November 12, 2007 8:57 AM ET | Delete
here you go Ninja.Adam Burish - Robert Lang - Jason Williams Tuomo Ruutu - Jonathon Toews - Patrick KaneYanic Perreault - Dave Bolland - Patrick Sharp Rene Bourque - Sergei Samsonov - Martin LapointeExtras: Martin Havlat Inj - Danny Richmond - Kevyn Adams - David Koci Jim Vandermeer - Brent Seabrook Duncan Keith - Brent Sopel Dustin Byfuglien - James Wisniewski Extras: Andrei Zyuzin - Magnus JohanssonNikolai KhabibulinPatrick Lalime
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