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Saturday Morning Coffee

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Will the real Carey Price please stand up please stand up. What a mess right now, that being said I fully believe he will turn it around.

We get hot wings and Cajun wings Wednesday after hockey, I don’t like the cajun wings, I just don’t.

The Niedermayers are first cousins with Jason Strudwick.

Glen Metropolit has played on 20 different teams in 14 years he’s played professional hockey.

You know the saying “A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush” Who came up with that, I don’t want a bird in my hand.

Did you know Jerry O’Connell was the fat kid in Stand by Me. I kid you not.

Proof fat kids can get the hot chicks, O’Connell’s wife Rebecca Romijn got her start in a Walmart fashion show.

When a team pulls the goalie and scores I don’t think the defending players should be given a minus.

Did you know Chara played 3 years with the Islanders? I know you knew he was drafted there but 3 seasons, I barely remember that.

Steve Ott is on pace to get 40+ points and 150 pim’s. In other words he’s turned into Sean Avery.

Scott Hartnell’s parents are both teachers and his wife Lisa is hot.

The Kings drafted Kimmo Timonen in 1993. Timonen was traded to Nashville so the Preds wouldn’t draft Garry Galley in the 1998 supplemental draft. That’s just crazy.

After the Bruins announcer announces a Bruins goal he goes WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Only one man can go WOOOOOOOOO So stop that crap now.

Ric Flair opened a financial business In September 2007 called Ric Flair Finance. In July 2008, Ric Flair Finance filed for bankruptcy.

Is it just me or is bankruptcy a weird looking word?

Dan Quinn the former Penguin once had 94 points in a season. That is unreal, I guess playing with Mario has it’s benefits.

If Mike Green played 82 games could he get 100 points? I’m thinking maybe he could. I still think he’s going to get a major injury, his knees are always out and he’s going to get one destroyed sooner then later.

Did you know Alexandre Daigle is still playing hockey, he plays for HC Davos in the Swiss league.

Speaking of Daigle he once played on a pick up team in LA with Cuba Gooding Jr. What a mess.

Have a great week end hooligans.
February 15, 2009 5:01 PM ET | Delete
So, what you're saying is that Jerry O'Connell is enjoying John Stamos' sloppy seconds? : )
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