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Saturday Morning Coffee

Posted 11:22 AM ET | Comments 5
The Good The Bad and the UGLY.

The Good

Randy Jones, seriously Randy you aren’t Bobby Orr.

Anze Kopitar, this kid is only 20 wow what a future he has

Marty Biron, the Flyers have a goalie making saves I’ve seen it all.

The Minnesota Wild, they look like a heck of a team so far

My hustle, I’m still back checking at 38, that’s pretty solid

Jason Blake is going to be OK it seems, that is better then good actually.

Carey Price, so far so good.

The Colorado Rockies

Hank Zetterberg is a true stud in all 3 zones of the ice.

Chris Chelios still kicking butt at 45.

An ice cold beer and great hockey game on the TV in HD.

Joffrey Lupul is much more then just a palindrome.

Patric Kane and Jonathon Toews have the Hawks flying


The Toronto Sun for calling McCabe…McClutz, give me a break

Marc Andre Fluery the Pens need better play out of him

The Thrashers what a mess

The Rangers so far so bad but this can’t last

Joni Pitkanen -5 in his last 3 games

My one timer

The Sabres defense so far

Martin Havlat hurt again


Rob Blake -8 already

Todd Bertuzzi no real reason for this I just dont like him

The Preds I feel bad for the true Preds fans what a mess

Sally Struthers I think she ate all that food that was suppossed to go to Africa

Jesse Boulerice

Have a great weekend everybody.
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October 20, 2007 12:33 PM ET | Delete
Still drinking morning coffee here B16 - second pot - wired for sure. As far as our mess here goes, let's just say that after six months it's now routine for us. Ho hum. It is what it is. Cheers!
October 20, 2007 12:52 PM ET | Delete
Any Bailey's in that Saturday morning coffee?
October 20, 2007 2:56 PM ET | Delete
Blueline I'm having positive thoughts for you guys, It must be hard on the players having to wonder where their families will be in a year or two, hopefully they will be playing to a full house in Nashville.
October 20, 2007 4:03 PM ET | Delete
Thanks B16 - one way or another, something will happen. (Fancy philosophy, huh?) Must be hard on the entire Pred organization, in the dark for such a long period of time not knowing if they'll have a job next week or next month or whenever. Kind of hard to make plans I'd say. I know that morale has been negatively impacted for many of them and I'm sure it's a distraction to all, including the players and coaches. And then there's our great GM, David Poile - I wouldn't want to be in his shoes - this has to be a difficult environment for him. Hmmm Big T - Bailey's would have been good. Maybe tomorrow.
October 21, 2007 3:06 PM ET | Delete
Try coffee with a shot of Chambord. Not that it will give you any greater insight. Thanks for sharing your Saturday morning spattering....
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