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Saturday Morning Coffee

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Hooligans welcome back, lets’ rock.

I blog about sports mostly and sprinkle in some music and entertainment whenever possible. So I was thinking if hockey players were rock bands or rock stars who would they be.

Ovechkin-Red Hot Chili Peppers He’s everything that hockey players typically aren’t, he’s brash and he’s the King of the NHL, when it comes to that title he’s not going to give it away

Crosby -The Beatles. Took the NHL by storm and he’s the face of the new NHL’s hockey revolution.

Nick Lidstrom -U2. He just keeps ticking and he never seems to be off his game, if you need a D-man he’s the one.

Bobby Luongo- The Cure. Can’t say enough about his great play whether it’s a Saturday, Tuesday or Friday I’m in love.

Mike Richard -AC DC. Brings it every night and electrifies you with his high voltage style of play.

Peter Forsberg- The Who. Just when you think he’s gone he’s back to prove that he was the star of my generation.

Tim Thomas- Guns & Roses. Tim is small and combative and started out with great numbers in the 11th month and hopes to continue his November reign.

Ryan Smyth- Foo Fighters. A little rough around the edges but when the going gets tough in times like these he’ll rise to the top.

Zdeno Chara -Van Halen. Top dog on a couple teams and will make other players jump with fear.

Jerome Iginla -Metellica. None stop physical presence that will seek and destroy with a full arsenal of weapons.

Marty Brodeur -The Eagles. No matter how many players leave his band he just takes it easy at the top of the goalie standings.

Jeff Carter -RUN DMC. The dude can flat out bring it and right now when it comes to scoring goals he’s the king of rock.

Jeremy Roenick- Pearl Jam The hockey world is his stage and he will grab the mic any chance he gets, this Jeremy has spoken.

I’m sure you guys can come up with a few more and I’d love to hear them.

Next week I will have my 2nd half predictions, if you are in a hockey pool you won’t want to miss
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