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The Phillies are going to be the death of me.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are going to score a ton of goals this year.

I don’t want Tom Brady anywhere near my wife.

I don’t really like the Flyers new jerseys, they look like 80’s concert shirts.

I just had an internet e-mail conversation with my cousin Mike this morning, he’s in England right now for 3 weeks, seriously how cool is the internet.

Marty Biron better be good, I can’t handle another season of bad goaltending.

If you aren’t watching Entourage you really should be, what a great show.

Do you remember Harris Barton? He was a guard on the 49ers team during the Steve Young era, anyway he was at both Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds record setting homerun games, I have no clue why that seems bizarre to me but it does.

I was at 2 pool parties this weekend, I love beers and BBQ’s.

I can’t wait to see how well Kimmo Timonen is going to play in Philly, that being said if I was a Timonen I would rather have Jussi as my first name.

I have a weird vibe that this is Jeff Carter’s last season as a Flyer, I really hope I’m wrong but this inkling just won’t go away.

I want to party with the Staal’s.

I hope Pitkanen,Souray and Dirty Richard Tarnstrom all playing defense for the Oilers this season introduce themselves to Dwayne Roloson in training camp because he won’t see them during the season.

A new bar is opening 1 minute from my house, that can’t be good for me.

How did Jose Theodore get so bad? I blame Paris Hilton.

Is it hot in here or it just me?

Phil Kessel is going to be a great player one day, that being said have you seen his hair? It looks like he brushes it with a banana, if he ever wants to be a star he needs a new hairdo.

Watch out for Jonathon Toews of the Chicago Black Hawks, the kid is the next Steve Yzerman, feel free to write that down.

Jussi,Olli,Saku,Teemu,Vesa……..Finns have great first names.

I think Daniel is the better looking Sedin twin.

Jiri Hudler is scary looking, yikes.

Travis Henry is currently paying child support, he has 9 children with 9 different women, read that sentence again, that is just wrong.

10 WWE wrestlers have been suspended for steroid use, who saw that coming?

My Grandma Agnes Butler makes the best butter tarts in world, I would love a handful of those bad boys right now.

Ken Hitchcock is going to make Ron Hainsey and Dan Fritsche stars, again feel free to write that down.

Dan Boyle is a UFA after this season, He’ll have 30 teams lining up for his services, what a great player who is very very underrated.

I gotta go.
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