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Saturday Morning Coffee

Posted 2:18 PM ET | Comments 4
The Flyers need to get their act together, Boulerice deserved 25 games and I hope he doesn’t play for the Flyers again.

Jim Basillie will end up buying the Preds, this will be good news for Canada and bad news for Kansas City, in the long run this will benefit the NHL, not sure if Bettman can figure that out.

I still can’t get over the Bills Cowboys game from Monday night, if I didn’t see it I wouldn’t have believed it.

Why are people still talking about Anna Nicole Smith? She was a bimbo with big boobs and no brain, move on already.

Danny Briere will have the key to the city by November 1st if he keeps this up.

Speaking of November 1st, Niitty may not play until then.

I had some Portuguese food for lunch today, the sandwich was called “Bifana” words do not describe this sandwich.

Haven’t had a great coffee in a few weeks, anybody?

Mats Sundin became the all time highest scoring Leaf this week, Congrats to Mats, he is pure class and a very underrated star.

I wonder if Roman Cechmanek ever shaved that unibrow, that thing was amazing.

Can anybody beat the Rockies? The last time they lost George Parros was clean shaven.

I went to a Hespeler Minor Hockey game the other night, 10 year old kids ripping around and having the time of their lives, that is what hockey is all about.

Speaking of hockey, I tried for a one timer the other night, if for some reason you are ever on the ice and you see me doing this just skate towards the goalie, the puck will not be within 20 feet of him.

If you haven’t checked it out please do yourself a favour and watch Californication it is the best show on TV bar none, the scene with Duchovney’s daughter playing Cheap Trick’s Surrender was wonderful.

Martin Havlat is hurt again, holy cow I didn’t see that coming.

Ugly hockey player of the week Shawn Horcoff. Seriously his one eye is one inch lower then the other, thank God he doesn’t wear glasses.

Even I can’t make excuses for Donovan McNabb anymore, do everybody a favour and trade him to the Bears, then everybody wins.

Randy Jones after 3 games he has 3 points and he’s +5, who the heck does he think he is Bobby Orr?

I wonder if Joffrey Lupul has ever been pulled over in his racecar by a cop with radar. Is there anything better then a sentence with 3 palindrome’s? I think not.

Mike Richards is going to be a stud, I love how that kid plays.

Have a great weekend everybody.
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October 13, 2007 4:27 PM ET | Delete
Well B16 - we agree most always but we'll have to differ on one point: Jim Tampersilly (aka: The Meddler) may indeed deserve and eventually obtain an NHL team for Ontario (you deserve one, no question) - but it's highly unlikely to be the Predators. Once again, this man has made an amateurish and very unprofessional advance. Meanwhile, if we can ever get out of this extended period of no-owner limbo and get new management on board with a commitment to Nashville, then it might yet work here. As we finished only our eighth season (plus the harmful lockout) we were slammed with an owner who wanted out ASAP - the ship has been mostly rudderless for half a year now. Maybe new owners can make it work, maybe not. Meanwhile, I and all of the rest of the die-hard Pred fans know the consequences of not getting our attendance to where it should be.
October 13, 2007 6:10 PM ET | Delete
Nice blog- especially the Lupul palidrom scentence- brilliant. But I dont like how you start this blog off- "the flyers need to get their act togeather"??? Lets not blame a whole team, coach, franchise over the dumb actions of two individuals. No one in the flyers org. wanted any of this to happen and its not like there are no otehr teams drafting/ taking kids with bad histories (its a business). And I agree, I hope Boulerice never wears a flyers jersey again, just play Cote. Is there anyway to drop Boulerice's contract? Like not allowing him to serve his 25 games or waving him?
October 13, 2007 7:49 PM ET | Delete
Hey Blueline, you know I just love hockey and want a team close to my house. I just can't figure the Nashville mess out, I know the fans for the most part are there but if the corporate fans aren't there now will they ever? I love how Hamhuis is playing, that kid looks solid.
October 14, 2007 4:34 PM ET | Delete
Well B16, a great question - don't know whether the corp fans will come or not. (Aren't they the silent ones that sit on their hands all game?). Time will tell. We do need 'em, no doubt, hand sitters or not. (Wanted in Nashville: Paid Butts in the Seats - Apply now! You'll Love the Game!). Meanwhile, Hammer and his D cohorts didn't look too good last night.
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