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Saturday Morning Coffee

Posted 3:10 PM ET | Comments 0
Not much hockey to talk about these days???

I'll do my best to keep focused on hockey but my blogs are starting to be very un-hockey related.

Funny how none of the Leafs wanted to move at the trade deadline and now Tucker is gone, McCabe is on his way out and God only knows what's up with Meatball Sundin.

Jose Theodore a Washington Capital, that just doesn't sound right.

Do you remember when Don Cherry snapped on coaches corner and told Jagr to go back home and eat an onion, damn I still find that funny.

I'm finding my morning Tim Horton's coffee just isn't doing it anymore, it just tastes different and I'm not happy.

Watch out for the Phoenix Coyotes, they are about 2 years away from being one hell of a team.

Breakfast question, when you order your eggs and toast and hashbrowns what meat do you get? I'm thinking most get bacon but the odd time the sausage is good and the ham comes in 3rd place for me.

Bacon, sausage and ham mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm loving the pig, greatest animal ever.

So I'm watching the Olympics and all these little people are kicking ass in gymnastics and diving. The Chinese syncro diving girls are 4 foot 6, just insane.

Poor Bob Luongo, he goes from one crap team that can't score to another team that can't score. The fans of Vancouver will not be happy.

Do you know who Blake Comeau is? You will and Islanders fans will be very happy about it.

Speaking of the Olympics, that Great Wall of China is awesome, I've never seen it in person but I'd love to.

I think my Phillies have quit on each other, I'm not sure anything bothers me more.

Quick trivia, don't look it up. Who had more career points Lindros or Forsberg.

I hear that these hybrid cars are great for obvious reasons but nobody knows how to fix them yet? That worries me.

Just picked up Ben Sheets in a fantasy baseball trade. I was thinking a good team name in fantasy baseball would be.............Ben Folds 5 Sheets. Thanks I'll be here all week.

I hate cutting the lawn.

Trivia answer Forsberg 885 Lindros 865. Closer then you thought I bet.

Last weekend 3 beers 0 chicken wings! What a loser. I will make up for it this weekend, mark my words.

I had some readers curious about the pie iron I mentioned last week. Here you go http://www.pieiron.com/

No blog next week as I will be in Detroit for a Stanley Cup party. It's not all fun and games kids, I will be writing a blog on the event with pictures etc. Look for it Sept 30/2008. I promise you it will be top notch.

Less then 2 months to opening night, have a great weekend.
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