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Your Morning Coffee.

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Glenn Hall use to miss training camp to paint his barn. I like his excuse better.

Only 4 players have ever had more then 150 points in a season…….Gretzky Mario Yzerman and ?????? answer later in this blog.

I really really like The Plain White Ts good music check it out.

The Yankees were on the other night and my 3 year old Emma says Daddy they wear the same work shirts as you do I wear stripped dress shirts to work a lot I guess…….In my daughhters mind I’m right up there with Dimaggio Ruth Mantle and Gehrig. Seriously that was really cool, it made my day.

If the Saints are the best in the NFC then things are not looking good for an exciting Superbowl…41-10 YIKES.

Bettman scheduals the Ice Bowl Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo on January 1st, the biggest college football day of the year, really brilliant.

Rick Ankiel was the feel good story of the year, well that just went out the window, holy crap I hope I’m not on HGH.

Flyer fans you will love Claude Giroux he is going to be very good(think Patrice Bergeron), thank God Bobby Clarke is gone or would have traded him for Peter Nedved.

If you are ever in Cambridge Ontario do yourself a favour and stop down at Duke’s Dugout in Riverside Park, great drinks and bbq and the nicest,down to earth staff you will ever meet.

Darko Milicic wash that mouth out with soap, wow what a potty mouth.

It’s 4am as I am typing this, I find it strange I get these thoughts at 4am.

The answer to the 150 point question…………………….Bernie Nichols, that’s not a typo.

Canada is beating Russia 6-0-1 in the Summit Series not sure anybody really cares but us hockey loving lunatics up here in Canada. There is a Sutter playing for Canada, the hockey world can never have enough Sutters if you ask me.

Eric Staals’ stag got out of control, it happens, why is he getting married at 22 that shouldn’t happen?

Phillies suckered me in again, one of these years I’ll learn.

Bad Athlete hair of the week……..Pavel Datsyuk.

Why does every kid in the world have cell phones now, seriously who do they need to call?

The new fall TV schedual is starting soon, can’t wait to see what Friends, Sex in the City and Cheers knock offs they have for us this season.

Besides never missing a Flyer game Entourage,House,My name is Earl and The Office are the only shows I will watch.

Anybody else find it weird that Lionel Rickie has a blond duaghter.

Leaf fans do not worry Mark Bell will not miss 1 game.

I really hope the Devils miss the playoffs this season, Ive had enough of the Devils.

If the NHL ever wants to be taken serious again they need to get off Vs. and get back on ESPN, does anybody know where to find Vs?

A-Rod could make $30 million next year, his numbers are Ruthian.

NHL training camp is just around the corner, thank God.

Try brown sugar in your coffee, little added zip.

Have a great week end.
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September 10, 2007 12:21 AM ET | Delete
B16 - Thanks for the tidbits. Warning - better keep your children, wives, mothers, and other loved ones away from Darko Milicic! (I hadn't heard about this, so after reading your post I read the transcript). I'm guessing he wasn't having dinner with the refs that night....................
September 10, 2007 4:04 PM ET | Delete
Hey Buts, have you tried watching "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia"?. Since your an Entourage, Earl, and Office (and Flyers) fan, as am I, you may like that show. Oh by the way, Versus is right between channel 56 and 57. You'll need a tail light from a '79 Gremlin (wiring harness still attached), four DD batteries, 1 oz of Shoe Goo, and an inverted box wrench to tune it in though. Be sure to break out your HI FI also as I've heard they are upgrading to a stereophonic broadcast this season!!!! :)
September 10, 2007 8:24 PM ET | Delete
Butts, nice blog. NJ missing the POs would be like punching some president, not identified here, in the face. Very nice! I just hope it is us that knocks them out right at the end of the season. You dont watch trailer park boys (I thought all canadians loved that show (I dont watch TV but I did when I was in BC and everyone seemed to like it there).
September 10, 2007 9:32 PM ET | Delete
thanks for the comments.We don't get vs. up here in Canada so I have no clue where it is I just here Americans snapping about it.Always Sunny in Philly? Never heard of it.Also there is a show out now called Californication........................BRILLIANT!
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