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Saturday Morning Coffee

Posted 8:31 AM ET | Comments 2
Happy Saturday Morning hooligans.

Funny how the hockey world works. 10 years ago everybody was a monster like Lindros now the little guys like Kane, Giroux and Gagner are popping up all over the place.

Very weird by I’m not a big fan of Corona, just don’t like putting lime in my beer I guess.

Now a lime in my rye and ginger, now your talking.

Since we are on the topic of booze, you know the old saying the early bird catches the worm. Im thinking the walking home at 5am from a night of drinking bird has a pretty good shot at the worm as well.

Rumour has it the Canucks offered Ryder the same 3 year $12 million offer, wow is potential goal scoring really that hard to find?

Do you remember when I said Brett Favre would be the starting QB of the Packers this year? I meant the Jets, sorry for the typo. It happens, I was alwasy bad in spelling.

FYI I spelled always wrong on purpose, I thought that would be funny.

So you grab a dandy lion when you are a kid and you sing mama had a baby and her head popped off as you flick the yellow head of the dandy lion off it’s stem with your thumb! Who the hell came up with that saying, holy crap.

Is it me or is Joe Thornton starting to wear out his welcome in SJ. The shine just seems to be coming off a bit.

Morgan Freeman should have stuck to driving Miss Daisy.

This is the dog days of summer as far as hockey goes, man is it ever boring right now.

Does everybody know what a pie iron is? Last weekend we had some tasty treats around the fire made by the worlds greatest invention the pie iron Please do yourself a favour and give it a try.

Sean Avery will be a huge bust in Dallas, They say everything is bigger in Dallas except Avery.

This Sundin thing is really dragging on too long, he really is a Swedish meatball.

Manny Ramirez is wearing #99 in LA, why do I bring this up? Because somebody else started to wear #99 in LA 20 years ago. Wayne Gretzky became a LA King 20 years ago.

Only 3 comments last week? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Have a great weekend.
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