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Anybody else sick of player nicknames these days? The good old days had Flyers with colourful names like Battleship,Hound Dog,Big Bird,Moose and The Hammer. That is great stuff, the fans could relate and loved the players.

Now nicknames consist of adding a y to the end of everybodies name…..BORING. Who needs Jonesy or Richy or Marty? Not me forget it, lets have some fun folks. Last year I started calling Afanasankov…”The Shark” and it stuck and it even made it to the dressing room.

Let’s have some fun here and start to come up with some great ideas for nicknames. I’ll add a nickname to some players and lets see if you guys like them or can come up with better names, I’m betting you guys will have some great ideas.

Upshall- The Buzzsaw

Coburn- The Stork

Knuble- Obi Won Knuble

Lupul- Top Shelf

Carter- Snapper

Hartnell- Boots

Briere- The Cookie Monster(stole it 100%)

Eager- Beaver(obvious)

Umberger- Whopper

Timonen- The Lone Ranger(Kimmo Sabe)

Mike Richards- Kramer

Anyway that’s a start, have some fun and hopefully you guys will become regular visitors to this blog, I will try to post twice a week and I have some fun ideas.

Let’s Go Flyers
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I think it's a coaches thing...you know, refined and all. Or maybe everyone's too PC these days. (what a shame) PC Nazis: Whopper? NO - unhealthy food, eat only what the food police allow. Kimmo Sabe - oh my goodness, you have disrespected a whole class of people! Hammer? Too much implied violence. Beaver is a no-no too - sexual innuendo. B16, you've been charged and found guilty! You gotta stay after class...
September 11, 2007 11:18 PM ET | Delete
well Blueline since I am part Indian and do not have a racist bone in my body I will not worry to much.I do agree though, everybody is too PC now, takes away some of the fun doesn't it.I w
September 11, 2007 11:38 PM ET | Delete
Yes. (And I guess you realize that I worry not one bit about PC...it's what's inside a person that counts). Fun post B16.
September 11, 2007 11:42 PM ET | Delete
http://fans.nhl.com/5A-home/ A true hockey genius
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